Audrey Assad: 'Fortunate Fall' New Album Release Tour Announced

Audrey Assad, 'Fortunate Fall' Album Cover
(Photo : [*Artwork designed and photographed by Benjamin Lee] )

Audrey Assad has recently announced her plans to tour following the release of upcoming album, Fortunate Fall, set to release August 13.

Assad will be partnering with Adore Ministries in order to celebrate an evening of worship and prayer in a dozen or more cities all throughout the United States. The tour will begin this tour and will be accompanied by new and innovative visual effects, created with the help of Assad's husband, William Price III.  One of the main focuses of the upcoming tour will be to incorporate community prayer and some time to share in communal awe for the beauty of God.

The tour will also feature a performance by John Tibbs, a talented artist who shares Assad's passion for worship and ministry.  His most recent release is an album entitled, 'Swallow Death, Breathe Life,' released in October, 2012.  It is a story of hope that reminds us of the faithfulness of God and the promise through Jesus Christ.

The announcement of cities and dates of the tour will follow, Assad said, according to an e-mail update yesterday, July 24.  The tour will probably take place before Assad is expected to take part in youth specialty events in San Diego California (October 4) and Nashville Tennessee (November 22).  This Saturday, Assad will also be appearing at a Retreat in Cochrane, Alberta.

Assad's upcoming album, 'Fortunate Fall,' will mark her third full-length album release.  It has been funded through Kickstarter and she has already released both the cover art for the album, photographed by Benjamin Lee, as well as the song, 'Good To Me,' off the upcoming album via Noise Trade.  In addition, she is offering an exclusive B track, 'Come Thou Font,' free to fans via Noisetrade as well.

The new album will feature songs for liturgy, personal prayer, and corporate worship. It will feature eleven tracks that are separated into three distinct movements. The movements explore man's need for God, the humility of Christ and the light of the Holy Spirit, which has the power to reveal God's love for us.

The album deals with themes such as the beauty of human need and imperfection, which ultimately allows us to know God in the form of Christ, our Redeemer, as well as the Holy Spirit, our Revealer. The album was influenced by elements such as Anglican choral tradition, harmonic hymns and the Catholic liturgy and charismatic prayer that Audrey was exposed to from a young age.  The album focuses on the idea that God is our one true redeemer.

"I have labored and I have wept and I have truly slaved under the burden of this thought, this music, and these lyrics. I can't wait for August 13. :) Thank you as always for your support and kindness. You make it all possible, friends." Assad wrote on her Tumblr.


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