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Covenant 31
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Covenant 31

Patrick (Lead Singer/Song Writer/Acoustic Guitar), Heather (Singer/Keys/Song Writer), Josh (Drummer) and Ashley (Bass/Sound Engineer) Eddolls, along with Dave Schreiber (Electric Guitar) make up the Arizona band known as Covenant 31. Since 2008, they have been sharing Jesus through Word, Testimony, and Song.


When you first hear them, you are struck by how much Patrick Eddolss sounds like Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. When Heather starts singing with him, you really start wondering if you made a mistake and are actually listening to Casting Crowns instead of Covenant 31! As you continue to listen, you realize that there are other similarities as well ... the authenticity of the music and the honest delivery of it. These aren't folks who are just "going through the Sunday motions." They are living their faith out loud, unashamed and with no worry about being politically correct. Once you hit that point, your ears tune in more closely and you come to understand that they have a sound all their own. That sound (and the hearts that make it up) is why they have shared the stage with bands like Mercy Me, Tenth Avenue North, Sidewalk Prophets and Lecrae. Next weekend, they will add Worship artist Matt Maher to that list when they play with him at Hope Fest in Prescott, Arizona.

(Side note that proves my point to a T --- as I started writing this, I was listening to their song, "I Am Changed." My daughter, who is a huge Casting Crowns fan, came into my office and the conversation was almost like the old "Who's on first" skit!

My daughter - "Which album is that from?"

Me - "It's a new single that released in June."

My daughter - "They have a new single? As in they're coming out with a new album? What's the name of it and why you didn't teeeelllll me?!?"

Me - "I just discovered them and have no idea when the album is releasing or what it will be called."

My daughter - "You just discovered who?"

Me - "Covenant 31."

My daughter - "I thought you said you didn't know the name of the new album."

Me - "It's not the album, it's the band."

My daughter - "What band? Why are you talking about some band? Stay focused mom! We're talking about Casting Crowns!"

And so it went ... )

Bottom Line: This is a wonderful band and I'm thrilled that I found them and can now share them with you! But don't just take my word for it; listen to them yourself and prepare to be touched.

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