Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers, Episode 1, And Premiere: Could Season 6 Bring With It A Possible Romance Between Caroline And Stefan As Bonnie and Damon’s Fate Remains Unknown

Vampire Diaries Season 6

Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers, Episode 1, And Premiere: Could Season 6 Bring With It A Possible Romance Between Caroline And Stefan As Bonnie and Damon's Fate Remains Unknown

We have the latest news for you on the spoilers, episode 1, and premiere of Vampire Diaries season 6. The long awaited American supernatural drama television series returns on screen this October 2014. The season finale of the Vampire Diaries season 5 left its viewers in suspense and with the question on whether Bonnie and Damon be saved when the season returns. The season six is set to premiere on October 2 on the CW channel.

CW renewed the series for season 6 on February 13th early this year, months before the season finale of season 5.

"I'll Remember" the title of the first episode of season six, continues from where season five left off: deaths of Bonnie and Damon. The plot to destroy the Travellers and their leader Markos, led to their deaths.

Managing to kill Markos and majority of his followers in an explosion, their plan did not go as planned as Bonnie and Damon were caught in the explosion and the spell that banned magic in their town did not break. This prevented Damon and Bonnie from returning to the world of the living even with Liv casting the resurrection spell.

Season six starts months after the deaths of Bonnie and Damon, Mystic falls has now become a new community with a watch program with the aim of protecting its folks from the returning supernatural beings. The crew of this watch program will have to find a way to counter all the grief and come together to get back their homes and salvage whatever they can from what is left of their former lives.

As to whether Bonnie and Damon will return, this remains a mystery.

Speculations about Stefan and Caroline dating in season six become real when Caroline confronts Stefan about her feeling but this news comes as a shock to Elena, Stefan's ex and Caroline's Bff , who over hear their conversation. The whole situation is already been titled the Steroline romance. We all got to love Caroline's direct approach to Stefan about her feelings, though we are not sure about Stefan's reactions, we are sure it leaves a surprise on Elena's face. Though it's uncertain if Stefan can reciprocate Caroline's feelings we are guessing he is still pretty raw following the death of his brother, Damon.


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