Kelly Clarkson & Trisha Yearwood Perform 'Prizefighter' Live at Garth Brooks Concert, Watch Here (VIDEO)

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Kelly Clarkson & Trisha Yearwood Perform 'Prizefighter' Live at Garth Brooks Concert, Watch Here (VIDEO)

Garth Brooks kicked off his new tour in Chicago on Thursday night and her had special guest Kelly Clarkson and wife Trisha Yearwood join him on stage for a song. Clarkson and Yearwood did a performance of "Prizefighter, which you can watch above. 

The 32-year-old singer, just celebrated the 12th anniversary of her "American Idol" win this week and she brought her daughter for the baby's first concert.

"Got 2 sing with @TYcom tonight in Chicago & watched her and Garth as well! Amazing show! It was River's 1st concert!" Kelly wrote to her fans on social media.

Country music star Garth Brooks has released his first new single since 2008 with the track, "People Loving People." The single was written by busbee, Lee Thomas Miller, and Chris Wallin and will be available for purchase on September 8th.

You can listen to the new Garth Brooks single "People Loving People" HERE

Garth Brooks made the announcement in July that he is back with a new album and working on a massive, three-year world tour. "I'm very proud of the ticket price," shares Brooks, who drew more than 5 million people to his last tour (1996-98).

A three year arena tour would push into 2017 and wife Trisha Yearwood wasn't sure he would want to be out on the road that long, but he responded, "The first one and the second one were both three years each, so I'd like that. I've never been more sure of anything, because the kids are healthy, and I'm touring with you."

Brooks hasn't released a new studio album since 2001's Scarecrow, but he tells USA TODAY that he's "deep" into the new album adding, "We're probably, I'm going to guess, 60, 75% done at this point." His new single will be released "sometime in the next two months," he told reporters Thursday at his news conference. The album will follow, likely around Black Friday for the holiday shopping season.

Brooks, the top-selling artist in the USA since 1991, has never put his music up for sale in digital format. Some people might think "I'm giving it away, but I'm not," he says. But it will be offered "at a stupid price."



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