Steven Curtis Chapman - 'The Glorious Unfolding' Review

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Glorious Unfolding
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Steven Curtis Chapman - The Glorious Unfolding

Steven Curtis Chapman's first studio album of all-original material in seven years, The Glorious Unfolding, is one of his most personal to date. (And that is saying a lot since he has released 17 previous albums.) A combination of songs that share his heart and songs written to various family members, we step into the world of a man who has been to the top of the mountain, fallen all the way to the bottom of the valley and crawled back to level ground. Steven has always had plenty of maturity in his songs, but these new tracks show an even deeper understanding of this walk we call "life." Memories of yesterday are there, but rather than dwell on them, he looks forward toward the future, enthusiastically.

This is shown off the best in "A Little More Time to Love." There is a day that is coming / When all the lasts will be first / Every orphan will be home and all will be filled who hunger and thirst. The song reminds us that while we wait on Jesus to return for His bride, we have purpose here on earth - to love one another. Sadness may come and tragedy may threaten our joy in the moment, but it should never take away our joy in the Lord and each other. The gorgeous "Feet of Jesus" addresses those painful moments when all you can do is fall on your knees and cry out to God. And at the feet of my Savior, at the feet of my King / I will bow down and worship / And I will lift my voice and sing / Hallelujah, hallelujah to the one who sets me free / You will find me at the feet of Jesus. The lyrics by themselves sound rather joyful, but the song carries an echo of the kind of pain that can only be brought about by the loss of a child. Hope in Christ and His ability to love you through the agony overlays the whole thing, making it more than just a wonderful song.

The stunning "Together" was written for Mary Beth, Steven's wife of 29 years come October. In a press release, he talked about the song and how, in the five years since their youngest daughter, Maria Sue, was killed, things have been hard, saying, "Statistics show that 90% of marriages don't survive the loss of a child. The fact that we are together celebrating 29 years of marriage is a testimony to God's faithfulness and God's grace." He shared that he didn't play the song for his wife until is completely finished (recorded and mixed). When she first heard it, "We held hands and wept together through this celebration of God's faithfulness," he shared. "I'm really hopeful that this song will encourage and minister to people in a deep way."

Bottom line: this is an album of hope and finding joy after the storm. Steven Curtis Chapman has done it again.

GENRE: Contemporary Christian
RECORD LABEL: Reunion/Provident
RELEASE DATE: September 30, 2013

The Glorious Unfolding Track List:

  1. Glorious Unfolding
  2. Love Take Me Over
  3. Take Another Step
  4. Something Beautiful
  5. Finish What He Started
  6. Only One and Only You
  7. See You In a Little While
  8. A Little More Time to Love
  9. Sound of Your Voice
  10. Together
  11. Michael And Maria
  12. Feet of Jesus


  • Take Another Step
  • Finish What He Started
  • See You In a Little While

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