The Neverclaim - 'The Neverclaim' Review

The Neverclaim - The Neverclaim
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The Neverclaim - The Neverclaim
 Some would call The Neverclaim's rise to fame a series of "lucky breaks." After all, winning a talent competition in Austin, Texas that "just happened" to get them on stage at a major Christian music festival where Third Day "coincidentally" was playing and "by chance" heard them and were so impressed that they took them on the road with them to be their opening act sure seems like a whole lot of luck. If the coincidence theory doesn't work for you, then you can always share what I believe - God put them exactly where they needed to be at the perfect moment to use them best. They brought the heart, the passion and the talent that God had already provided and He took care of the rest.


Their self-titled debut Essential Records release is the culmination of all of that heart, talent and passion. Their fearless love of the Lord that shines through each song is catching in a big way. You find yourself listening and just grinning for no apparent reason as you rock along with the Portland band. Speaking of rock, the overall rock sound is delivered in such a big way that you will probably find yourself surprised by the addition of banjo and mandolin. As my 13-year-old daughter frequently likes to say, "Don't trip - just go with it." While I would have never thought it would work on paper, The Neverclaim works it out quite well and the extra touches are great additions that don't come across as out of place at all. From the all-out rockers to the praise anthems, Jeremiah, Mitchell, Chuck, Josh, Matthew and Jared hit all of the right notes.

GENRE: Rock worship
RECORD LABEL: Essential Records
RELEASE DATE: September 24, 2013

The Neverclaim Track List:

  1. Revival
  2. One Truth One Life
  3. Pearl of Great Price
  4. Steal Their Hearts
  5. My Soul Longs
  6. Mighty Jesus
  7. Burn
  8. Be Lifted Higher
  9. Sweet Sweet Memories
  10. Enthroned On High (Holy, Holy, Holy)


  • Burn
  • Be Lifted Higher
  • Mighty Jesus

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