Windows 9 Release Date: Is D-day 30th of September?

Windows 9 Release Date

Windows 9 Release Date: Is D-day 30th of September?

Top of Form - Microsoft is showing different new surprises through the windows versions. The next one is going to be the Windows 9. The customers have found out some sort of problems in Windows 8, hence Windows 9 will be a much-developed version of Microsoft Windows. The release date, price, and features of Windows 9 have been reported in a number of different ways in few reports. However, the most reliable date of its release will be September 30.

As the release date is knocking at the door, the excitement is increasing among the customers. In addition, there are some newly added features in this version of Microsoft Windows. The improvement has been done keeping the existing all other features similar like the previous version.

However, an unannounced press preview will be held by Microsoft Corporation, which will show all the detailed features of Windows 9. The customers may download the review to experience the upcoming operating system. It will calm down the rising excitement of the Windows fans. Most importantly, the customers will not get any specific feature information on a definite basis, as the information is not disclosed by the Microsoft officials.

There are some rumors too that this new version of Microsoft Windows will be available in the market in the next year. That means the PC, Phone, and Laptop version will be purchasable in April 2015. However, this is not confirmed at all and the customers may expect to have Windows 9 prior to this particular date.

The features of Windows 9 so far has been known by different reports are very attractive. It has got no Charms bar, the start screen is much developed and changed, Windows 9 phone version, the 3D camera in its laptop version, Xbox apps, taskbar, etc. will be very different from the Windows 8. However, you have to wait a bit to get this outstanding version on your device.

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