Manafest Writes His First Book

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Manafest (2012)
Christopher Greenwood (aka Manafest) has been a fighter all of his life. He was only five when his father committed suicide. That loss led to years of childhood insecurity and fear but he overcame them all and embarked on a professional skateboarding career that held much promise. An injury killed that dream but music filled the void, and it was a perfect fit.

Over a year ago, the rapper began writing down ideas for a book that would share his story of tragedy and triumph and that book, titled Fighter: Five Keys to Conquering Fear and Reaching Your Dreams, co-written with Shannon Constantine Logan, released this week. He talked about the book in a press release, saying, "I don't know about you, but I love books. I could point to different books in my library and tell you how they've changed my life. With music I only have a few minutes in a song to share my heart and sometimes even less after a show interacting with fans. So with the book 'Fighter,' I thought I could really give my fans more of me - to hear where I've come from, and how I've become a fighter." He continued, "Whether it's family, personal, or professional, it's been a fight," speaking of his book. "I've had the willingness to bear pain to get through all this, and I'm winning now. 'Fighter' was made to keep bringing a light to people; keep fighting."

Supported by fans through a fully-funded Pledge Music campaign, Greenwood donated five percent of the pledges to World Vision, an organization he regularly supports.

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