Manafest Releases "The Moment" on Aug 5; Watch New Video "Diamonds" Featuring Trevor McNevan


Manafest is set to release his seventh label album, "The Moment," with BEC Recordings on August 5. "The Moment" is Manafest's follow up to his 2012's "The Fighter."  

Coming from Pickering, Ontario, Chris Greenwood took on the moniker "Manafest" after a skate boarding accident which led him to focus on singing.  Later, he was noticed by Trevor McNevan of the Ontario-based rock band Thousand Foot Krutch. This led to his signing BEC Recordings under the Uprok Records label.  His debut release "My Own Thing" was made primarily of hip hop music with several rap rock outings in the vein of Limp Bizkit, P.O.D. and Linkin Park. On June 24, 2008 Manafest released his fourth official album, "Citizens Activ," which went on to become his most successful album to date.

"The Moment" brings Manafest back to his roots of rhyming and infusing a singing style that is his own making this his stongest and most creative effort yet. Incorporating his fans with this project, Manafest has utilized Pledge Music to help fund this album while giving fans exclusive access inside the album-making process. Click here to be a part of his Pledge Music campaign.

"Life is made up of many moments - some big some small -and you want to be present for all of them," shares Manafest on the topic of his upcoming release. "The Moment is a transparent look behind the curtain of my thoughts, beliefs and outlook on life." 

"Diamonds" featuring his mentor Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch is the latest single.  Watch below for the video.

The Moment Track Listing:

The Moment
Edge of My Life
Love Wide Open
Bull In A China Shop
Startup Kid
My Way
Thrill of it All  

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