Karen Jensen Asks "Why God Why?"


Karen Jensen
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Karen Jensen held a recent book signing at the Living Word Parable Christian Store in Latham, New York.

Karen Jensen and her husband Brent traveled full time as itinerant ministers, pioneering two churches in Oregon and Idaho. When the father of two died suddenly in 1997 at the young age of 37, Karen was left with two sons and one burning question -- why? She became Senior Pastor of their church in Boise, Idaho, raising their two sons, Josh and Ryan but she continued to ask God why her husband had been taken so soon.



Now an instructor at Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Karen wants to share what she has learned about the faithfulness of God through good times and bad. Her book, Why God Why? What To Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense, shares her journey as she asked that question and found out the true meaning of God's love.

Why God Why? has been listed in Parable's Top 50 list of top selling books through The Parable Group. It hit #43 on the prestigious list, falling between Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind by Joyce Meyer and James: Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore.

Jensen's debut from Charisma House was written to give hurting people hope, to help them move from doubting God to believing Him. getting past the pain to a life of purpose and joy.

"I'm so excited to share what God has done for me in the midst of heartache, and what He absolutely wants to do for others as well," she shared in a press release. "You may have heard people say, 'Don't question God,' but I don't agree with that. He already knows you're asking the questions in your head. You can't scare Him--He's heard them all before! Besides, He loves you. He's your Father, so ask Him!

The book serves as a guide through the process of asking questions and then moving past the pain towards healing. "It's about changing your thinking and letting God love you," she continued. "It's about hope, and reclaiming your life!"

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