"The YOU Plan: A Christian Woman's Guide for a Happy Healthy Life after Divorce"

The YOU Plan - Michelle Borquez and Connie Wetzell
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The YOU Plan - Michelle Borquez and Connie Wetzell

No one gets married with divorce in mind. Most people think that "'til death do us part" will really happen and envision being retired, enjoying sunsets and grandkids together. Sometimes, despite the best intentions, divorce happens. Co-authors Michelle Borquez and Connie Wetzell have both been there and in their upcoming book, they help answer the "what comes next" question.

The Bible teaches that marriage is forever and when it happens, many women feel traumatized, relieved, hopeful, afraid, or even a mix-match of several or all of those emotions. Christian women often have those emotions as well as a feeling that they somehow "failed" the Lord. How to live as a newly single Christian woman is a question that there is no easy answer to.

Michelle was divorced for seven years and is now happily remarried. Connie is ten years into her single journey and at peace about not having a husband. They've each made good choices as well as their fair share of mistakes. In The YOU Plan: A Christian Woman's Guide for a Happy Healthy Life after Divorce, they rally their collective experience to help newly divorced women navigate some of the twists and turns of the post-divorce lifestyle, avoid pitfalls, and come out the other side stronger and more confident.

They answer questions like:

  • What choices will help you heal?
  • How can you minimize the trauma for your kids?
  • When is too soon to date, and what about sex?
  • How can you learn from your mistakes?
  • And where is God in all of this?

The YOU Plan is for women, by women. It gives a faithful and hopeful approach to topics like acceptance, forgiveness, loneliness, online dating, sex, money, finding friends, and caring for your physical, financial, and spiritual health. Most of all, it is a powerful reassurance that no matter what has happened or what may happen next, God still has good plans for you. You will live and laugh and love again!

Available on January 14, 2014, this Thomas Nelson book will be a real God-send for women facing the single life after being a wife.

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