Adrian Moldovan Says "TELL HELL NO!"

Adrian Moldovan - Tell Hell No!
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Adrian Moldovan - Tell Hell No!

Born in Romania when it was ruled by the communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, Adrian Moldovan did not grow up with any type of religious freedom. Instead, he spent his formative years learning that Christians could be beaten, tortured, jailed or even killed for voicing their faith. His own family history was a living testimony to those facts as his great-grandfather, Gheorghe Moldovan, was publicly beaten into unconsciouness in 1919 for being a Christian. His death, by drowning, was ordered, yet the officers who were appointed to the task were overwhelmed by a fear of the Lord on their way to his execution spot - the Danube River. They told him to run away while they fired their weapons into the air. Adrian's grandfather, Ion Moldovan, was similarly abused. The Baptist pastor and evangelist was interrogated, tortured and jailed many times for preaching the gospel of Jesus. Ulitmately, he was killed in a hit and run orchestrated by the secret police. The next generation, Adrian's father, Ioan, was arrested, interrogated, beaten and sentenced to 25 years in prison, without the benefit of a trial, for being a Christian evangelist - a "crime" that the authorities called treason. After the Romanian government received over 8000 letters on his behalf from Christians around world, they decided that it would be more politically beneficial for them to release him. The release came with a price though: he and his family were stripped of their citizenship and expelled from their country. All of their personal property was confiscated and they were put on a plane to Rome in 1980. The United States accepted them as refugees and the family of five arrived in New York City ten days later with two suitcases, less than $20 and nearly no knowledge of the English language.

Young Adrian's first few years in his new homeland weren't easy and with a speech impediment that made speaking English even more difficult, no one thought he would follow in the family footsteps of being a Pastor. God had different plans.

The "normal" angst of high school was compounded by being poor, being overweight, having no self-esteem and not fitting in anywhere. By his sophomore year, Adrian had decided that suicide was his only way out. Again, God had different plans.

Today, Adrian Moldovan is a successful Evangelist and his upcoming book, TELL HELL NO! will motivate readers to transform their lives, their family and their nation. Moldovan shares three effective steps to wake up, prep up and speak up before it's too late.

In a press release, Adrain talked about the book, saying, "No matter how big or difficult the challenges of life may be, change, deliverance and transformation can be obtained through the power of the spoken Word." Bishop Neil C. Ellis, who wrote the foreword, added, "Adrian Moldovan has an amazing story. He is one who has come through great tribulations. The wealth of powerful principles, scriptures and prayers Adrian shares in this book, will equip you for battle."

Distributed by Elevate Entertainment and available on October 29th, the book covers topics like:
Think Up: The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Word Up: No Deposit, No Withdrawal
Pray Up: Weapon of Mass Destruction
Who Should Speak Up?
When to Speak Up?
When Not to Speak Up?
How to Speak Up?
Where to Speak Up?
Cost of Speaking Up

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