Most Beautiful Places In The World

Buckingham palace
(Photo : Buckingham palace)

Most Beautiful places in the world

Why You Must See These Beautiful Palaces

Most of the Palaces around the world are widely considered as the majesty of the erstwhile royal family, and the glory of the kings who reign the territory. See the most renowned palaces around the world listed by Forbes Magazine.

1 Mysore palace is considered to be one of astonishing palaces in the world, it also known as Amba Vilas Palace. The place is currently residing by the erstwhile royal family of Mysore, named Wodeyars. The palace is also admired for its stunning architectural and sculptural works. The ground of this palace is using for the golf training. Mysore palace is situated at Mysore, Karnataka, India.

2 Jaisalmer Palace: The place is also named as 'Rajmahal, it is the erstwhile royal residence in Jaisalmer, expected to build 1500 years back. The palace is always maintaining as fresh and opened for the visitors from all over world. The palace is located in Rajasthan, India.

3 Luxembourg Palace occupies the third position in the list of Best place in the world by Forbes Magazine. It has been built as a royal residence for Marie de Médicis.  This palace is occupied in France, which was constructed by the King Louis XIII for his mother Marie de Médicis as the official residence. The palace also situated in the midst of 6th arrondissement in Paris.  The palace also owns the honor of second largest park in the city. Key attraction of this palace is people are flowing to here to enjoy some peaceful moments.

4 Laxmi Vilas Palace,Vadodara, India is mostly considered for its marvelous construction of Indo-Saracenic school, which constructed by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1890. The palace is constructed for the private use. The size of this palace has been measured four times bigger than the size of Buckingham Palace. During the time of construction the palace was esteemed for the execution of latest technological equipment and artistic forms like elevators and the interior, which remembers the large European country house.



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