'The Blacklist' Season 2: Story Plot Of Season 2 Episode 1 On NBC

The Blacklist Season 2

'The Blacklist' Season 2: Story Plot Of Season 2 Episode 1 On NBC, Released Recently, September 22nd

One of the most promising season series on NBC, released the first episode of season 2, the most awaited suspense-action-drama today, what I'm talking about? It is 'The Blacklist'. Looking back at the season finale of season 1, I'm pretty sure all of us fell short; they left us hanging with a lot of unanswered questions. But honestly, I'm not surprised when they was awarded twice and was nominated for 7 categories recorded for this year.

Our first impression for Raymond Redington is 'criminal' but none the less, as you engage yourself with the logic of it, Raymond flipped the coin and he became the most important person, serving as an asset for them. This smart criminal minded "Red" left no other choice for the Unit Director including the team of Harold Cooper (head division), Agents: Elizabeth Keen and Donald Ressler but to work with him, under the conditions of having an immunity for all of his illegal transactions and a full protection for his life, he obtained all of those conditions, now it turns out that he has the control of everything. The team also took advantage of Red's situation. Using his connection, his people, his contacts, his resources, he made it easier to chase the notorious criminals of FBI from their list. Is it proper to say "surprisingly", Raymond was on that list? But don't get me wrong I love the how James Spader delivered his role character; it's always an impact every time he'll show up, especially when he will deliver new information for Harold's team, it will really make you think and connect the dots, so mind blowing.

Now this September, the promised date for episode 1 as "Lord Baltimore" has passed, I'm proud to say that it is worth the wait, still it didn't fail to have our minds twisted. Waiting for the 2nd episode is like a year to me, event though in reality it's just 7 days, I'm just keeping in mind that September 29 is approaching fast. Fanatics be ready for "Monarch Douglas Bank" (title of se2 ep2), still on NBC every Monday.

Personally, I want to bow down and congratulate the show in advance for the 2nd season new episodes, in making a way to the top, I'm sure the next episodes will turn your world around, basing from the last seasons success you got our investigative minds works. So, all of the followers of 'The Blacklist', let's give a double thumbs up for the writers, directors and those who's working hard to make us crave for more episodes.


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