John Schlitt's New Video for "Little Drummer Boy"

John Schlitt with the Saylors brothers
(Photo : Saylors Brothers Entertainment)
Kenny Saylors, left, and Kyle Saylors, right, of Saylors Brothers Entertainment directed and produced the music video of "Little Drummer Boy," from the new CD, The Christmas Project, by John Schlitt, center.

Grammy and Dove Award-winning vocalist John Schlitt has released a music video for "Little Drummer Boy," a song from his first Christmas CD, The Christmas Project. Directed and produced by Saylors Brothers Entertainment, the video stars 8-year-old Chance Caeden playing the young drummer.

Kenny and Kyle Saylors have been fans of Schlitt's for since they were children so of course, the opportunity to work with the legendary singer was exciting. In a press release, Kenny said, "When my brother, Kyle, and I bought our first Christian rock album, This Means War by Petra, we were hooked. John's voice with Petra was practically the backdrop of our entire youth, into young adulthood. Naturally, when the opportunity arose for us to be able to contribute to his very first Christmas project with a music video, there was no way we could resist being a small part of his amazing legacy. John was such a pivotal part of our life musically and his powerful voice and strong messages of faith still resonate in each of us to this day. Using our abilities to direct and produce the 'Little Drummer Boy' music video was the least we could do as a way to say 'thank you' for his years of ministry and influence on us, two young brothers from Texas."

Breathcast nailed it when they said, "No Christmas song expresses worship with greater perspicuity than 'The Little Drummer Boy.' While many renditions offer a mawkish elevator style read, Schlitt's is one of the few versions that does justice to this ode of abandon worship. Just as the little boy plays his best for the king, Schlitt gives the King his voice in its fullest glory with all the range of emotions and nuances." The music, the arrangement, the vocals and the visual all come together to make this a stunning video!

John will appear on Trinity Broadcasting Network's Praise The Lord Nashville Christmas Special, hosted by Jason Crabb, on December 18.

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