Windows 10: Window Released New OS, Touch Screen, Resizable Tiles, Start Menu; New Features are Many

Windows 10 OS New menu
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Windows 10: Window Released New OS, Touch Screen, Resizable Tiles, Start Menu; New Features are Many

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Quick view of notifications like new mails, Facebook messages and weather forecast updates are the new features in this new Operating System.

Window released the details of its latest Operating System Windows 10, but it seemed to be quite surprise as its jump from Window 8 to Windows. The new software able to runs with various types of devices such as phones, tablets, PCs and Xbox games consoles. In this new OS, Microsoft introduces a new special favorite application for the users that is, resizable tiles in the main menu. This feature has been already introduced in the Windows 8's touch-centric interface on PCs and tablets. Another special thing is, Windows 10 returned to the start menu, which was unavailable from Windows 8.

In this new Operating System, Microsoft is also featuring with some special applications like quick view of notifications; which includes notifications of new mails, Facebook messages and weather forecast updates. The new facilities will be aimed to enable friendlier to both users of Windows 8 and Windows 7. The performance of the new OS will be on the basis of the type of equipment by which it has been using. 

There is no need of switch between Desktop type and the touch-based substitute. It can also extend many "live tiles" throughout the screen two-in-one laptop-tablet hybrids, which enables the user with the easy handling of both mouse and finger presses.

"It's extremely important for Microsoft to get Windows 10 right," said David Johnson, who observes Microsoft for the consultancy Forrester.

"Windows 8 is only being offered to employees by about one in five organizations right now. Windows 7 is still the de facto standard for enterprise in the desktop environment.

"For Microsoft to continue to be able to get the best and latest technology in the hands of the enterprise workforce all over the world it has to have a vehicle to do that - and Windows 10 is its best shot." David Johnson said. 



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