‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap: Return of Another Dilemma

Days of Our Lives
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"Days of Our Lives" Recap: Return of Another Dilemma

Days of Our Lives is an American daytime soap opera, focusing on two core families - the Hortons and the Bradys.

Nicole meets EJ in the park and asks if he's glad that Kristen got away with raping Eric. EJ answers that what she did was terrible and he has nothing to do with her since she returned. He shocks Nicole from informing her that he and Sami are together again. Nicole says it is predictable because everyone in Salem is aware that Sami cannot be alone.

Nic thinks that EJ is greedy. EJ ponders that it's miserable she will never comprehend the kind of love he and Sami have. Nicole explodes into uncontainable hilarity. She perkily chucks his issue with Abby in his face and then he calls her bitter over Eric. EJ chuckles, as he is aware that she's still in love with the man. Nicole says that it's nothing and it's over. EJ says to forget the past, which Nicole approved.

At Brady's bar, Sami informs Eric that she and EJ are together again. Eric's just silent, leading Sami to assume that he is not happy with her news. She also tells Eric that EJ was petrified with the actions of his sister. She did not like that he did not move forward with what he knows. Eric just doesn't understand how she can look past the matter. Sami says with clemency. She also asks if he can pardon her. Eric tells her that he loves her as much as she loves him. The two hug each other. For Eric, he will accept EJ if he's the one Sami wants.

Meanwhile at the Horton square, Jordan indicts Kate that she just plays games by going out with Clyde. Kate calls him charming. Jordan nails her face in hatred, because Kate doesn't know Clyde well yet. Kate answers that her date with Clyde is just a friendly date.  Jordan calls her names and thinks Clyde is the type of man Kate merits.

Jj stops kissing Paige on the sofa, thinking that anyone could just walk in. Paige suggests they should take it to her friend's dorm. Jj faithfully refuses. She undertakes their conversation of Kayla's rape is what's troubling him. He's calm and flashes to discovering that Jack raped Kayla. Jj informs Paige that it's difficult and tells her that it is about her mom laying into him over Jill.

Jenn shadows Eve home in order to protect Jack and Jj. They quarrel whether Jj was set up or not. Jenn knows that Jack is a good man, but is also capable of doing mistakes. Eve snorts and starts in on Abby sleeping with EJ and keeps on bashing Jack. She says Jenn loved being a victim and is a masochist. Later, Jenn hauls off and smacks her on her face. Jenn informs he to get rid of her son and walks out. Paige walks in and gets in her mother's face. They shouted and Paige walks out on her.

In the hotel, Abby and Ben make love. After that, they remember how they first met and confess that they are rapidly attracted to each other. Later, Ben sulks about not being able to buy an apartment but he's saving money as he's ready to go back to school.

Jenn gets home and notices that Jj looks angry. She thinks it's because of Eve. Jj tells Jenn that he's in trouble. Jenn wants him to tell her more but he justs talks about how Eve is going after him. Jj thinks he has to tell the truth to Paige.

EJ asks Kate to move out. He goes and Kate leaves a message for Chad.  Meanwhile, Sam bumps into Nicole at the square and Nicole says she heard about EJ and Sami. She wishes her and EJ well before going.

What will happen next?

Watch Days of Our Lives on Thursdays at 9:30/8:30 c on NBC.



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