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Daemon possessed Annabelle Doll
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Annabelle, director John R. Leonetti's devil doll hits the box office and won the second position with a sum of 37.1 million. The movie depicts the story of a daemon possessed doll, which creates panic in young couple and their newborn baby. The doll rises from James Wan's "The Conjuring" (2013), Annabelle is exactly a prequel of "The Conjuring"; Leonetti embellishes the movie with little more terror and violence. The scary movie's title character the doll took a knife from a butcher and running around and creates some bloody scenes. The shot of young girl who is transmogrifying in to a woman who loves blood, with the shot, when she runs towards the closed door, James Kniest, the Cinematographer also receives applause from the audience along with Director, Dailyreview.crikey reports.

 John and Mia are have been leading a quite pleasant married life, but the advent of unavoidable hardships and sufferings keep them in to disappointment. It also describes about the neighbor family of John and Mia, who are older couple.  Two years back their daughter has been left them and joined with the satanic cult. The young couple is used to go to church along with neighbor older couple. The neighbor older couple is staying next to the door of Mia and John, one night they heard screaming, the couple rushed to Higgins' home, where they found they were dead. They were killed by Higgins daughter, she returned to her home to kill her parents.

After she killed her parents, her boyfriend turned towards the young couple, the man attacked Mia and John. Mia phoned to police, but before their arrival the man stabbed on Mia's stomach. Police came, shoot and killed the most wild and dangerous man.

Here starts how a beautiful and delicate doll became a daemon possessed doll? When the police came there, Higgins daughter gets in to the nursery and locked the door. When the police come and break the door, she killed herself and takes one of the favorite dolls of Mia. Higgins daughter name is Annabelle, while she is catching Annabelle doll, the few of her blood spread in to doll Annabelle's body. Thus the doll became a daemon possessed doll, Bloody-disgusting reports



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