“Iron Man 4” Movie: Will This Be The End

Iron Man 4
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"Iron Man 4" Movie: Will This Be The End

Are they going to make the "Iron Man 4"? Well, there are rumors coming out of the way, but as of now, there is still no official word on the said movie. During one of the interviews of Robert Downy Jr., he was asked regarding the movie. However, Downey Jr. states that Marvel was not really considering the creation of Iron Man 4. This was put to an end all the rumors of the movie. Movie fans melted down when the lead stars clearly state that there is almost zero possibility of making the "Iron Man 4".

After the interview, other speculation from the movie fans just came out saying that "Iron Man" will return on the screen in the next Avengers movies. The next movie will be entitled "Avengers: Age of Ultron", though the third one does not have a title yet. The sad news somehow lifted the hearts of "Iron Man" fans, but some were still stinging.

Iron man holds on the news, when "Deadline" states that Robert Downey Jr. was interested in doing another "Iron Man" film. However, if you will read the news clearly, it was implied that Downey wants Mel Gibson to be the director of the movie.

According to E! News, they said that it has been just the statement in favor of Mel Gibson since Robert Downey Jr. is a supporter of the said director for a long period of time. E! News also reported that Downey feels Mel Gibson has "changed so much" and completely moved on from his previous problems.

Thus, even it appears that Robert Downey might give the favor to Mel Gibson, it does not really feed the possibility of making another "Iron Man 4". In fact, Marvel had announced an official statement just in case Downey will accept the contract of the fourth film, but it all turns out that such event will never happen.




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