White PS4 Release Date, Reviews, Reveals, Teasers and Updates: White PS4 Standalone to Hit the Shelves around Christmas

White PS4

White PS4 Release Date, Reviews, Reveals, Teasers and Updates: White PS4  Standalone to Hit the Shelves around Christmas

Sony Computer Entertainment and its release of the White PS4 Destiny bundle was a smooth marketing move if there ever was one. As such, it received quite a favorable response from the gamers and enthusiasts. In fact, the UK headquarters hit about one million sales as of last week. Sony has announced that there will be a white PS4 standalone hardware system which will be available before the end of this year. Sony Computer Entertainment UK, and Ireland VP - MD Fergal Gara, stated they have not yet come up with an official date for the standalone PS4 White Edition, but it is definitely going to be this year. At the same time, Gara has been talking about a partnership with Destiny and the developer Bungie in order for Playstation to get some exclusive content their way. Gara claimed, it just makes total sense to bring out a special PS4 for a special new game that we genuinely see as being quite a catalyst now into peak season that lies ahead,"

However, it is not exactly certain for other parts of the world whether the new style PS4 is going to be released outside the realm of European countries especially since Sony is still under the bundle contract. Sony chose to launch the White PS4 with Destiny in order to celebrate the special playstation partnership with Bungie and this sees the Playstation platforms get some of the exclusive content.

It is because of the White Ps4 console and the Destiny launch, that Sony announced that UK PS4 sales broke the one million barrier. Sony claims "It's definitely really generating excitement, so it'll be a big week for PS4 and a huge week for Destiny. And I think it means we're going to have a lot more excited gamers going into the Christmas season interested in many, many other games as well."


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