The Value of Family: Barry Rowland Speaks About Three Generations of His Family Singing Together

Barry Rowland and Deliverance

Barry Rowland and Deliverance have just released their brand new album "A Family Affair."  Here you will find three generations of the family coming together to sing on this record.  Barry Rowland, his wife Tammy Rowland and Steve Rupert come from a rich heritage in Gospel music.  Barry is the son of the legendary songwriter Kyla Rowland.  The trio first started as Kyla Rowland and Deliverance where they have produced their share of hits such as "Loving The Lamb," "One Scarred Hand," and "I Am a Soldier."  After which, Kyla took a back seat resorting to song writing while her son Barry took the reins of what is today's one of Southern Gospel's best trio. 

We are so honored to be able to catch up with Barry for this exclusive Hallels' interview.

Hallels:  Thank you so much for your time.  Congratulations on the release of your new album "A Family Affair."  Is this the first time you've decided to have three generations singing on one CD?

Yes it is. We prayerfully considered this combination for over a year, then contacted Crossroads, our music label, to present the idea. Collectively, we were all in agreement of the timing for this family cd. 

Hallels:  So who calls the shots as far as who gets to sing lead on what songs?

This is also a collective decision. Many songs are reviewed before we decide on the actual songs to record. After narrowing those down to about 20 or so, demos are given to each member to decide what song fits what lead. More than anything, we're looking for the combination of voice and song that will deliver the message in the song to its highest potential.

Hallels: What is the best part of having the entire family contributing to a single record?

There are several reasons. One aspect could be this; we have covered literally every audience age. Another part is the unity of desire that we all share; that God's children unite for the common cause of glorifying Jesus Christ.

Hallels: In your CD liner notes, you mentioned that this is not just about the physical family, these songs also seek to address the fact that we are God's family.  Why is this such an important message?

I'll let mom answer this one:
Isaiah 1:9, makes it imperative that all of God's children unite in the war against satan. The larger the remnant, the more power we have against the forces that work diligently, 24 hours a day, to abolish the name of Jesus Christ from the face of the earth. The lost man cannot pray these prayers.....God save us! It is to the children, the family of God, to wage this battle and win this battle. The weight of defeat or victory rest on the power of our prayers.
Kyla Rowland

Hallels:  Speaking of families, it's not very common to hear of three generations singing the praises of Jesus together. What advice do you have to give to some of our readers who may have family members who are still not Christians?

Don't give up! Our family consist of many members who are beneficiaries of praying men and women of faith who knew/knows the importance and effectiveness of fervent prayer. God is faithful to hear His children! When you don't feel like praying, pray anyway! Precious to the fathers ear, are three words, Lord I'm here! These are lines from one of mothers songs simply titled, Pray!

Hallels:  Being a fan of Kyla Rowland, it's great to see her penning all (save for one) songs here.  Being such a prolific writer, I was wondering how many songs does she manage to write a month? And what inspires her to write?

Great question. Her songs seem to come in waves. She may be quiet for months, then write 5 or 6 in a week. What inspires her to write and how patient she is to complete them is the backbone of her success....waiting on God! Sometimes songs will be written in a few minutes, while other songs may take years to complete. I can say this; she wrote her first song, He'll Roll You Over The Tide, in 1973. In each decade of her Christian walk, I have seen and witnessed her songs derive from life experiences. In the 70's, her brother, Ron Martin, ran from God. In the 80's, I too ran from God. While mother wept and prayed for each of us, there was a little lady who helped to keep her eyes on God, and trust in His promises. Her name was Eulalia, her mother. There's not enough time nor room to write the testimony she left behind, but mother did write a book, Between Me And The Storm, that includes many of Eulalia's attributes and inspirations.

One of her most recent songs, Somebody Go Get God, which is on this cd, commands our attention. It is a humble, yet boldly written message, that is very timely for these last days. If we as Christians desire to see and experience a great move of God in our land, then truly, Somebody Go Get God! 
What inspires her? I encourage you to listen to her songs or read one of her books. Ultimately, her pen leads us to a placed called Calvary, an empty tomb, Heaven, and a man named Jesus!
Hallels:  For our readers who would like to read more about you or purchase your new CD, where can they go?

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