GTA 5 V PS4 Bundle: New Side Quests And Story Content As Well As New Animals Added To All Players And Online Game Modes

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GTA 5 V PS4 Bundle: New Side Quests And Story Content  As Well As New Animals Added To All Players And Online Game Modes

There are so a lot of console gangster who are really captivated by the Grand Theft Auto or GTA. It was first released in 1998 and has the ability to completely discount the law in almost way probable and this becomes so attractive to every generation of gamers across the globe. For so many years it's able to gain popularity over the years and nowadays it is providing fully mapped virtual cities. Also, there are civilians living their lives and sufficient amount of ammo and guns to take a small country to a war.

Offering depths of interaction and customization, San Andreas is the most victorious GTA Title. The GTA 4 was an excellent game but it was linear when it is compared to San Andreas. This led to confusion to lots of gamers.

Last month, the Rockstar Games declared that the epic "GTA 5" will be released on both Xbox and PS4. The release date will be on the 18th of November this year. All the Rockstar fanatics worldwide rejoice. There are also rumors months ago that the "GTA 5 PS4" bundle will be released on the 14th of November. On January of next year, the PC version of the "GTA 5" will be available.

Followers of the next gen gaming consoles saga are quite aware that PS4 endeared itself to gamers earlier. The PS4 was on top of the most interesting purchase. Xbox One is also popular but only comes second to the PS4. Both PS4 and Xbox One need to jump on the ride that is GTA 5.

There are plenty of speculations about "GTA 5 PS4" Bundle. There are those who made some predictions about the new feature that will be enjoyed soon. First, there is a new first person view both on-foot and driving. New side quests and story content will be available as well as new animals added to all players and online game modes. Another thing, the "GTA V" is capable of transferring characters from last generation GTA online. Lastly, many are expecting that a new character selection screen for player will also be available.

Just few more sleeps and the world will be amazed with the new "GTA V PS4" Bundle.


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