'The Walking Dead Season 5' Premiere, Review, Updates, Latest News: Catch all the Buzz Here

The Walking Dead Season 5

'The Walking Dead' Premiere, Review, Updates, Latest News: Catch all the buzz here

"The Walking Dead Season 5" premiered on Oct. 12, Sunday. Earlier seasons got a very good response and viewership. The series is telecasted on national television channel AMC. The protagonist is Rick Grimes portrayed by Andrew Lincoln.

It ought to be mentioned that Season 4 of "The Walking Dead" had ended on the note where Rick Grimes and his team made an escape from cannibal community that was named Terminus. In the premiere of Season 5, it is shown that Terminus had encaged many of the teammates including the sheriff Rick. This tribe Terminus had converted into cannibals to survive. This show is all about survival of the fittest.

Another strong character of the show is Carol (Malissa McBride). She was shown as training girls how to kill people and survive in the previous season. She was seen surviving and fighting bravely in the premiere show. Her character is very strong and has been written with an iron will by the scriptwriter.

Her cruel acts do not seem to bother the viewers as she has done her job with perfection. Her mission was to save her friends whom she considers family. That is the reason she picks up the gun all alone. She goes and starts fighting without thinking that there is no one else with her. She has stolen the show with her acting skills and fighting skills. 

In one of the memorable scenes of the show, Carol fights with Terminus guy in the chapel. There were all candles around when the fighting scene was pictured. The stark nature of the scene stays in the mind of the viewer, because the violence of the scene contrasts in an epic way with the peace and serenity of the church. She was responsible for rescuing the Rick and Team from the hands of the cannibals. Viewers would shudder to think what would have happened to Rick, if Carol hadn't showed up, armed with her exemplary self-defense and fighting skills.

The premiere also spilled the secret that Gareth and Alex are actually brothers and their mother is none other than Mary. This startling piece of information is sure going to amaze the viewers. This is a good zombie show that focuses on family and friends. It shows their love and affection for each other.

The premiere of "The Walking Dead" went well and much more than the expectations. The series has 16 episodes each with a watertight storyline. Hope it's going to rock it again.

The series is already on top of the charts that the makers have already planned Season 6, which is going to be premiered in October 2015. More power to "The Walking Dead!"

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