Misty Freeman "Turn the Page" EP Review

Misty Freeman

Prime Cuts: The Sermon, A Day in the Life of Jesus, When God Speaks

Overall Grade: 5/5

If Misty Freeman's "Turn the Page" were a novel, it would be a page-turner.  Every song on this this EP leaves you grasping for more.  Some of them will leave us reminiscing; others will challenge us in our walk with Christ; and there still others that will make us fall in love with Jesus all over again.  Aptly citing Alison Krauss and Dolly Parton as her influences, Freeman brings us back to Krauss and Parton's heydays where country music thrive on simple yet well-structured melodies with lyrics that speak of stories with an unfolding realism.  This is what these 6 songs are:  they are well-crafted 90s-styled country songs with lyrics focusing on real life stories about Jesus and relationships.

Misty Freeman is no stranger to Southern Gospel music, having spent most of her life on a tour bus with her family, The Freemans.  An accomplished artist and musician in her own right, Misty Freeman is a welcomed addition to the Daywind Roots label.  Although Misty has released solo albums in the past, her project with Daywind Roots will be the first solo release in nearly a decade. 

Based on just the alluring melody that grabs you on the get-go with words that gorgeously describe the greatness of Jesus, "A Day in the Life of Jesus" is a signature song in the hands of any artist.  But when Freeman adds her mellifluous vulnerability, she invests an emotional dimension to this superior song that it clings right onto our hearts.  Another sure-fire heart hugger is "Too Fast."  Though not overtly a Gospel song, "Too Fast" captures the feelings of every mother who feels like their child is growing up way too soon.  Freeman's thoughtful nuances add a tearful cadence to the song that is pretty affecting. 

No words can describe the beauty of "The Sermon."  Fashioned as a eulogy given by the protagonist at the death of her father, the song speaks of how her father's life is nothing but a sermon on display.  This is the type of song that stops us in our tracks to put under the microscope our life before the Lord. Then she goes rootsy with "Garden of Grace," showcasing that she can be just as effective on the ballads as well as the stripped down bluegrassy burners. The propulsive "When God Speaks" is also this EP's most catchy tune that gives articulation to what God can do with His Word.

The only shame about this record is that it's far too short.  There are only six songs on it!  Nevertheless, if one has to score each of the songs, each of them will come across with flying colours.  This EP is a gem and it truly is a page-turner all the way 

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