Tim Lovelace on Coffee, Comedy, Bullying & His New Album

Tim Lovelace

Tim Lovelace will bring his multi-talents to the forefront with his new DVD/CD combo for StowTown Records, Living In A Coffee World, that releases Sept. 29. The project will showcase Lovelace's comedy, musicianship, award-winning songwriting talent and his motivational speaking skills, which will provide great entertainment for the whole family. Recorded at a live performance at Lee University in Tenn., the project gives the listener a front row seat to the comedian's unique brand of humor that has kept people around the world laughing and inspired for three decades. Distributed through Sony/Provident Distribution, the project will be available at all retail and digital outlets.  

Q: Thanks Tim for doing this interview with us. First off, are you a coffee addict yourself?

A: I want to sincerely thank you and Hallels for doing this interview! You always do a wonderful job, and it's my privilege to talk with you today.

As for coffee...I love having a few good cups of coffee every day; freshly brewed, bold and black. But, I am definitely not a coffee addict, although my coffee-addiction therapist would differ with me.

Q: On this new album, you have got to work with StowTown Records. How did you get to partner with them?

A: I have known and respected the owners of StowTown for quite some time. They bring so much to the table when it comes to creativity, and they have a huge heart for the public, which deeply resonates with me. I'm thrilled to be on their roster.

Q: What are you most excited about this new album?

A: I love that I had the freedom to do different things. Between the fact that I am wired 220, plus love coffee, I am not the type of artist to walk out to an "x" on the floor and stand there and tell jokes. I had liberty to jump around and grab the guitar, tell a story, grab a harmonica, do physical humor, run over to play something on the get the picture. When a person like me, who needs a straight jacket, is given his freedom...that makes a happy man.

Q: On this album, you have both music and comedy numbers. How did you first become interested in comedy?

I was the class clown in school and loved making classmates laugh. Although I toured first as a musician in bands, I was called upon for at least one comedy piece during each concert. After a while, promoters started asking if I could do full comedy concerts. In some ways, comedy found me.

Q: But despite the joy, you do address important issues even in your comedy pieces. One of them is bullying. Why do you think bullying is an important issue to address?

Bullying has been around since the beginning of time, yet it seems to be getting worse. When I read about a young person giving up on life as a result of a bully, it absolutely breaks my heart. So, on this new project, I tell a story called "Black Belt to Black Eye." I talk about what happened to me in elementary school. Although it is a humorous story about how I tried to protect myself from the class bully, it leads directly into a moment that allows me to address young people about the epidemic of bullying.

Q: What do you think is the way to eradicate bullying?

First, we need to start confronting this terrible issue by opening up dialogue about it. Students of all ages need to not only report the bullying, but also be persistent until something is done about it. Additionally, parents, grandparents and other adults need to initiate discussions about bullying in order for kids to be reassured that there are people who love and validate them and stand in the gap to protect them at all costs.

I am thrilled to have parents and students come to me after concerts to share their stories. I'm seeing families making conscious decisions to be more aware of what their children are facing at school and online. Saving one child will be worth it all.

Q: You also have some music pieces on the new record. My absolute favorite is "Composer of My Life." Tell us how this song came about and what it means to you.

Lately, I have been doing a routine in my concerts where I play different styles of music on the piano, mixing in humor with the piece. I also relate how, in my process of learning different styles, the best thing of all happened to me...I met the Composer of my life. I knew that concept would make a good autobiographical song. I set up a writing session with Wayne Haun and Joel Lindsey. Wayne orchestrated the song. I loved his arrangement so much that I decided to put it on the "Living in a Coffee World" comedy CD as a bonus song.

Q: I know you will be touring this fall. What can our readers expect if they come out to one of your shows?

If you come out to the "Coffee World Tour" this fall or in 2018, I will give you 110 percent of myself to make sure you have a zany evening of comedy and music that is relatable to the entire family. That is my goal. If ever there was a time we all needed to laugh, it is today! I would love for your audience to follow me at,, They can find out when the "Coffee World Tour" is coming to their area.



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