Antman 2015 Spoilers! Evangeline Lilly is Confirmed for the Role Hank Pym's Daughter and Hints from Comic Con


Antman 2015 Spoilers!  Evangeline Lilly is Confirmed for the Role of Hank Pym's Daughter and Hints from Comic Con

Antman is the next new superhero installment that is set to come out of Marvel.  It is set to premiere on July 17, 2015 after some changes were made to the managerial staff. The director was meant to be Edgar Wright but he decided to part ways with the motion picture after a mutual agreement with Marvel Studios and Peyton Reed got the job. As such, the script was altered a bit because the main character set to be Michael Douglass who with Edgar had worked some time to get the movie on its way to production is simply too old to take the role of Antman. As such, Paul Rudd will play a con man known as Scott Lang while Douglass will play Dr Pym, who is the suit creator and together they will keep the secret of Antman while working together in saving humanity, etcetera..etcetera.

As for the roles, there have  been rumors about  Evangeline Lilly being a member of the cast and they have finally been confirmed by Kevin Feige, Marvel Studio boss and producer. It seems that she will take the role of Hope Pym, the daughter of the inventor Hank Pym and the original Antman. Her mother will be Wasp or Janet van Dyne. At the moment, shooting of the movie has not yet begun officially, until 18th of August. We do have the opening moments of the movie where Hank Pym and Scot Lang are arguing about the importance of superheroes at the present, but Pym needs Scott to take the Antman suit for  now in order to complete a job.

Now obviously there will be a bad guy for the forces of good to face off against. Corey Stoll will play the evil ex-partner of Dr Pym and get the technology, not before stealing his company with an evil agenda  for the future of course. He becomes Yellow-jacket, the nefarious foe of Antman.


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