'Ouija' Movie Spoilers, Casts, Plot and Released Date: Upcoming Ouija Movie Available Just in Time for the Halloweens - Know How to Play the Ouija Board!

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"Ouija" Movie Spoilers, Casts, Plot and Released Date: Upcoming Ouija Movie Available Just in Time for the Halloweens - Know How to Play the Ouija Board!

The upcoming "Ouija" movie is due for release, just in time for the Halloween. The film is a based on Hasbro's supernatural board game of the same title. This is also Hasbro's first horror movie.

Ouija's producer, Platinum Dunes released a YouTube preview of this upcoming "Ouija" movie. The movie storyline is about a group of teenagers who tried to contact their female friend, who died in a horrible accident. They used an Ouija board to contact their friend, but instead, they summoned a dark and evil spirit of the Ouija board.

Based on the YouTube trailer, it seems that the teenagers have contacted the wrong friend. They have awakened an evil spirit and its killing them one by one. They also found out that their friend may have been killed by the same spirit of the Ouija board.

The casts of the upcoming Ouija board are as follows:

Douglas Smith plays the role of Pete

Olivia Cooke plays the role of Elaine Morris

Daren Kagasoff plays the role of Trevor

Matthew Seattle plays the role of Anthony Morris

Ana Coto plays the role of Sarah Morris

Bianca A. Santos plays the role of Isabelle

Shelley Hennig plays the role of Debbie

Vivis Colombetti as Nona

Robyn Lively plays the role of Mrs. Galardi

Bill Watterson plays the role of Diner Manager

Sierra Heuermann plays the role of Doris Zander

An Ouija board is also known as a spirit or talking board. It is a flat board with the alphabets and numbers 0-9 written on it. Several words are also written on the board which includes "Yes," "No," "Hello" and "Goodbye." The word "Hello" however, is not always present in most boards. The board is also littered with different mystical symbols.

Accompanying the board is a planchette which is a piece of wood or plastic in the shape of a heart. The planchette is supposedly the communication device that the "spirit" will use to communicate with the living. In theory, the participants will place their fingers on the planchette and wait for the "spirit" to move and "speak" through the letters and numbers in the board. Ouija board sessions or séance have become a popular pastime even today.

The movie is directed by Stiles White, while, Michael Bay, Bradley Fuller and Andrew Form have also co-produced the film with Platinum Dunes and Hasbro.

The upcoming Ouija movie will hit theaters on Oct. 24, 2014. Universal Pictures is the distributor of the film.

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