iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 Release Date: October 16 is a Big Day for Apple

iPad Air 2, new from Apple
iPad Pro, new from Apple

iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 Release Date: October 16 is a Big Day for Apple

The Apple Company announced to the public last October 8 the release date of their newest and latest editions of its Mac and iPad range, which is going to be held on the 16th of October. The tech giant also revealed that their headquarters in Cupernito, California will be the one to host the "special event".

The event will start at 10am Pacific time. The invitations have a tagline that reads, "It's been way too long." This sounds like a clue or a hint of what the fans can expect from the new lines of Macs and iPads.

Apple suggests previously that the announcement and the big revelation will be held on October 24. It can be expected that the affair will be more modest and intimate than the dramatic one held on 9 September, during which the firm launched the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch.

This time, the company is speculated to offer the iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro complete with Mac OS X, or the iPad 6. The official launch of the Apple Mac OS X Yosemite operating system is also thought to be on the agenda.

The new iPads are rumored to include Touch ID capabilities and even have a gold colour option. It could also include the feature of Apple Pay, the AppleInsider reports, which is the mobile payment service launched in the iPhone 6. Last year, Apple launched its iPad Mini and iPad Air devices also during an October event.

Here's a bonus insight for you guys about some specs of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro:

Aside from the Touch ID feature that we said awhile ago, iPad Air 2's small microphone will be next to its rear camera. It's lightweight, thin, and very elegant that you will be proud to have this with you always. It also has A8 processor on board, the same with the processor of the iPhone 6.

For the iPad Pro: It has 12.9-inch iPad screen with 4K resolution and come with an Apple patented stylus.

Now that you know the details about the 'to-be-released' iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro, all we can do now is to wait until Oct. 16 and rush to the stores for these new gadgets.



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