Michael Schumacher News: The Legendary Formula 1 Racer Michael Schumacher Still on his Road to Full Recovery

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Michael Schumacher News: The Legendary Formula 1 Racer Michael Schumacher Still on his Road to Full Recovery 

F1 Champion Michael Schumacher is still in his recovery from a medically induced coma after he had severe head injuries from a skiing accident last December. His teenage son confirmed that he is "waking up very slowly."

Schumacher, 45, is the former Formula 1 world champ. He is currently under medical treatment at his home in Switzerland. This is after six month of critical care at a hospital in France, where the incident took place.

Mick Schumacher, a 15-year old racing apprentice, informed the most recent update on the Formula 1 champ to French F1 commentator Jean-Louis Moncet.

"I saw his son and he told me that Schumi is waking up very slowly; very slowly," Moncet said to Europe 1 radio. "Although things are going at a slow pace, he has lots of time, I would say he has his who life in front of him to get back on track."

The expert driver is also still fighting and is taken care of by a health care team with fifteen medical experts at an exclusively built medical suite in his Swiss lodge.

Mick Schumacher wants to follow the footsteps of his father. Last week, Junior Schumacher won a second place in the German junior kart. He also managed to be a runner-up at the karting world championships in France last September. He had been joining races using his mother Corrina's maiden name Betsch. However, he has chosen to use the title Mick Schumacher Jnr.

A report in The Independent revealed that Schumacher Senior was lately released from a rehabilitation clinic in Lausanne in order to go back home with his beloved wife and children.

Although the progress is quite not abrupt, fans were definitely elevated by the cheering news from the Ferrari chief, Jean Todt, last week.

According to former Ferrari boss Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher will be capable of living "a relatively normal life" after he has recovered from his head injury. Todt paid a visit to Schumacher last week at his Swiss home. "We must assume that Schumacher can lead a relatively normal life again within a short period of time," said Todt. "We can say he can probably never drive a Formula 1 car again. But he is fighting," he added.

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