‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 5 Spoilers: Two Episodes for Nucky Thompson

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'Boardwalk Empire' Season 5 Spoilers: Two Episodes for Nucky Thompson

"Boardwalk Empire" Season 5 prepares the fans for more action-packed sequences in its next episode, after what happened in the recent episode, which was outrageous. There are two episodes left and season 5 finally ends.

The recent episode revealed that some men were being gathered up by Mickey Doyle in preparation for a mob battle. More than that, Nucky also made a pledge to Johnny Torrio that he would not give up until he put Lucky and Meyer in their grave. Chalky encounters Narcisse in hopes of the freedom of Maitland. Two notable deaths also took place before the conclusion of season five. Chalky White received some bullets while Nelson Van Alden was shot in the back of his head. The two have been a part of the television series for a very long time.

In the next episode of the hit television series, entitled "Friendless Child," it looks like there is a long multitude conflict that is set to come, which mainly concerns Lucky Luciano with his partner Meyer Lansky. The boss Salvatore Maranzano is also gearing up to assassinate Lucky and his crew. Cartermatt says that the fans will witness a Young Nucky in the episode.

Meanwhile, Eli Thompson will meet his son, since he has nowhere to go after the surprising death of Nelson Van Alden in the last episode. Willie Thomspon will also ask Eli what he wanted. Watch out for the encounter of Eli and William.

According to International Business Times, episode seven will also uncover some information about Nucky Thompson's past, particularly the time when he was still working for Commodore Louis Kaestner.

Nucky also reads a letter from Gillian. Gillian Darmody is still confined in the mental institution, according to Mstarz. She says that nothing is wrong with her; but then, the doctors decide to check her body. They want to find out what is wrong with her mind.

What events will take place before the fifth season finally ends? Don't miss them. Watch "Boardwalk Empire" every Sunday, 9PM on HBO.

Watch "Boardwalk Empire" Season 5 Seventh Episode Preview here. Access the video.



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