'James Bond' Latest News, Updates: New Movie 'Bond 24' - Releasing in 2015 and Who is the New Bond Girl - Rihanna or Léa Seydoux ?

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James Bond Latest News, Updates: New Movie 'Bond 24' - Releasing in 2015 and Who is the New Bond Girl - Rihanna or Léa Seydoux ?

When people talk about action stars, they usually come up a name called James Bond. The latter has always been a "hit" throughout the years. The fact that it embraces a lot of followers; people have been asking where is James Bond now? The good news is that, this year, the action superstar will come again to rescue the wonderers.

If you are one of those people who don't know yet, the movie is scheduled to arrive in cinemas next year, but it will come late. Reports say that it will commence on December, to be released in U.K on Oct. 23, 2015 and in the U.S on Nov. 6, 2015.  

The movie is entitled "Bond 24" because it is the 24th movie of James Bond series. On 2012's "Skyfall," the closure of the movie can be said to be a disaster since it bids goodbye to Ms. Dench. While it is depressing to see her go, movie experts have found Ralph Fiennes as another all-round actor to completely play the character to perfection and be the new 'M' in this upcoming hit movie. Unlike other movies, this is an interesting twist because Daniel Craig's character will have the first male counterpart or mentor, according to Crossmap.

This bit is not even the most exciting. What's even more interesting is who will be casted as the next Bond girl. Christian Post presumably stated that Rihanna will become the the Bond girl for "Bond 24." According to the singer, she will not only make a perfect Bond girl, but she will also nail the role after winning the CFDA Fashion Icon Award this year. Many thinks Rihanna is a nice replicate of Halle Berry.

On the other hand there are also other reports claiming that Léa Seydoux has gotten the role for the next Bond girl. According to IndieBlog, both the crew and the director have been looking for Scandinavian face, and it appears that the French actress has a high chance of winning. In the follow up of "Skyfall," Daniel Craig will revive his role as James Bond for "Bond 24."

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