‘Scandal Season 4’ Recap: The Key And The End of Suspicion

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'Scandal Season 4' Recap: The Key

"Scandal Season 4" is still the talk of the town, so here's a recap for all the fans out there.

Ever since Olivia got back from the Island with Jake, she notices that things have not been the same. How could they be okay after the death of Jerry as well as the suspicion that Jake is a cold blooded killer? This is one of the recurring plotlines that you should not miss in this episode. The other story revolved around the friend of Olivia and her latest client Catherine who is held on charge of murdering her own daughter, Caitlin. This episode is also a reminder that Associates and Olivia Pope is down to three employees.

As the defense of Catherine got complicated     ­­­­­- with Quinn and Olivia witnessing the murder of Caitlin's friend, Faith- the team seemed smaller. Quinn hit the peak of Gladiator while Liv spent numerous scenes since she want to figure out if Jake was in trouble or if he is just dodging her calls. On the other hand, Huck spent much of the episode stalking his estranged son and wife. This also meant it was Quinn on stakeout with Olivia and this is one of the reasons why Quinn makes use of spy technology to eavesdrop the potential suspect. Quinn also performs an autopsy on Caitlin's body. Before Caitlin was killed, she decided to give her friend, Faith with a key to a locker.

The locker is very important to a well known dirty cop-turned businessman who also works for the father of Catlin. He is also the same man that they saw struggling with Catlin over manila folder. This is the time that Faith was killed since she would not surrender the key. Quinn finally realized that she swallowed it. Huck's protégé took a scalpel to the morgue to recover it. It is a fact that Quinn is not only the person who is trying to solve a certain murder. The conflict between Fitz pummeling Bill Withers and Jake's face made the bloody scene more tolerable for this episode. Scandal is considered as one of the elite soundtracks on television. Jake also did not make it easier taunting Fitz with the overall details of his romance with Olivia however he never stood a chance anyway.


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