Keith and Kristyn Getty Are Back with New EP "The Greengrass Sessions"

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Keith Getty and his wife Kristyn are back with their brand new EP "The Greengrass Sessions."  Comprising of 7 songs, they have decided to cover some of the most beloved hymns of the church as well as originals.  

Hailed from North Ireland, the Gettys have released six albums and performed all around the world in popular venues such as London's Royal Albert Hall and the Grand Ole Opry. Keith has received acclaim for his song "In Christ Alone," which is the most-sung hymn in the United Kingdom and among the top 20 hymns sung in the United States, Canada and Australia, according to Christian Copyright Licensing International.

For this new EP, the couple have decided to visit their Irish roots as they have put to music some of their Celtic Christian songs, stories and traditions that is what's going to set this project apart from the other "hymns" albums.  One of the songs that is going to be intriguing to hear include "Lift High the Name of Jesus" which is tagged with "The Legend of Saints and Snakes."  Other highlights include the haunting "O For a Closer Walk with God" and "My Worth's in Not What I Own."

Yet, whenever the Gettys write, they write on songs with theological meat, rather than catering just for radio airplay. In an interview with Christian Post, Keith explains: "I know the value of what we try to do, we try to write music in the traditional melody or classical structure. It's not music that's tied to any particular popular form," Keith told CP. "It doesn't stand out in 2014 so it's not on the radio as much, but at the same time in 2019 it won't sound out of date. We try to incorporate it with historical church music, what has been going on in the past, because I think the true way to be futuristic is to learn from the past." 

Currently, the Gettys are getting ready for their U.S. tour to celebrate the Christmas season this month, Keith has some goals for the show each night.

"We want to keep making the show more interesting, more impactful. We don't try and force people into responses, we just try to make a beautiful show and make an incredible story of Christ and His coming to earth," Keith told CP. "So we take an incredible story in history and try to make it as beautiful as possible for everyone because in that story each person can be interactive. Each person can have hope and refreshment as they go into this."

The "Joy-An Irish Christmas with Keith & Kristyn Getty" tour dates are as follows:

Dec. 1 - Wheaton, IL - College Church
Dec. 2 - Lancaster, PA - Calvary Church
Dec. 5 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Dec. 7 - Hattiesburg, MS - Temple Baptist Church
Dec. 8 - Jackson, MS - First Presbyterian Church *free concert
Dec. 9 - Dallas, TX - Winspear Opera House
Dec. 10 - Austin, TX - The Riverbend Centre
Dec. 13 & 14 - Cleveland, OH - Connor Palace Theater
Dec. 15 & 16 - McLean, VA - McLean Bible Church
Dec. 17 - New York, NY - Carnegie Hall
Dec. 19 - Atlanta, GA - Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
Dec. 20 - Knoxville, TN - Tennessee Theatre
Dec. 22 - Nashville, TN - Schermerhorn Symphony Center

For more information about The Gettys and their tour, please click here.







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