Watch Darius Rucker's "What God Wants for Christmas" Video

Darius Rucker

During Christmas we often think about ourselves, what we want for Christmas.  Seldom do we ask what God wants for Christmas.  This is at the thesis of Darius Rucker's brand new Christmas song "What God Wants for Christmas."

The song is one of two Rucker-penned tunes on the singer's new Christmas album, 'Home for the Holidays.' He also wrote the album's final track, 'Candy Cane Christmas.'

The video shows Rucker preparing for the holidays with friends and family - wrapping presents, decorating the Christmas tree and eating Christmas cookies. Also featured in the video is a children's hospital janitor, played by Don King, who dresses up to try to spread cheer to doctors, nurses and young patients.

"We were glad we could bring joy to these children, but at the same time, you got to see the harshness of what they were experiencing too," King tells of filming. "That's why this thing was such a wonderful project."

Here are the words:

Old man playing Santa Claus
Blew into town with old Jack Frost
Now he's handing out candy canes and smiles for free
People scurry with their lists
Rushing around to buy those gifts that will
End up wrapped up underneath the tree
I'm sitting at this red light looking at a manger scene
Watching snowflakes kiss that baby
And it makes me think

I wonder what God wants for Christmas
Something that you can't find in a store
Maybe peace on Earth, no more empty seats in church
Might be what's on His wishlist
I wonder what God wants for Christmas

What do you give someone
Who gave His only Son
What if we believe in Him
Like He believes in us

I wonder what God wants for Christmas
What might put a smile on His face
Every Bible with no dust, the devil giving up
Might be what's on His wishlist

I wonder what God wants for Christmas
What kind of gift from you and me
More sister, more brother, more lovin' one another
Yeah I wonder, I wonder what God wants
By now we oughta know what God wants for Christmas  





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