Point of Grace Details their Song Choices & Passion Behind "Directions Home"

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Point of Grace, one of the best-selling artists in Christian music history, comprises of Shelley Breen, Denise Jones, and Leigh Cappillino. Together, they have had 24 #1 Christian hits including "The Great Divide," "My God," "Blue Skies" and many others.  They are now planning for the release of their new studio album "Directions Home" on April 7, 2015. With a discography boasting well over a dozen albums, "Directions Home (Songs We Love, Songs You Know)" is a 10-song disc that features some of their favorite cover songs. 

Hallels:  I must confess I have been a fan of yours for many years.  I love your new covers album, namely because it covers songs from so many eras and genres.  And the choices are so unpredictable: from Wayne Watson to Wynonna Judd to Miley Cyrus to Carrie Underwood.  Let's start with the oldest cover, Wayne Watson's "Friend of a Wounded Heart".  I am so glad you reach back that far to cover it; it's such a gorgeous song.  What do you love about this song that made you want to tackle it?

Leigh: POG loves this song. It is as relative today as it was over 20 years ago when Wayne first recorded it.  In addition to our love for the song it also holds a special place of remembrance. Wayne Watson was our first "official" tour and we sang backgrounds for him during that tour ...and with this particular song, each one of us had our own solo line. We felt pretty special.  

Hallels:  I love you cover of Wynonna Judd's "Only Love."  But when we think of Wynonna that's not the most obvious song of hers.  But it's such a beautiful one, so what attracted you to "Only Love?"

Leigh: if you live in Nashville there are certain things that get passed around, (music in particular).  Only Love is one of those songs that has the respect of writers, musicians, and artists.  I personally have been singing this song for a very long time. When we went into the studio to sing a scratch lead, all the studio musicians were thrilled we were doing this song.  They all had the same response. The message alone is reason enough to re-record it but, it is full of so much more musically and metaphorically.  It turned out to be one of my very favorites.

Hallels:  You have two new songs on it too that feature Vince Gill and Ricky Skaggs on vocals. What was it like working with these two country legends?

Shelley: It was such an honor to have both Vince and Ricky sing on our record. It's really the icing on the cake for us. Seeing Ricky work his magic in the studio, not only vocally, but instrumentally is something we will never forget. And Vince Gill? What can you say about "the voice" of country of music - other than, he sounds like pure perfection!!

Hallels:  This new album has definitely got a country flavor to it.  And I have also noticed a progressive shift from pop towards a more rustic sound with your later albums, why do you think there's such a shit in sound?  

Shelley: As we moved away from using tracks live, and went to only singing with live instruments - it was a natural shift for us to go to a more organic sound. Couple that with going from 4 members to 3 several years back - and the sound evolved into what it is today.

Hallels:  But you also have some moments of worship too with the fabulous cover of Matt Maher's "Lord I Need You."  Why include "Lord I Need You'?

Densie: This song has ministered to my heart over the last year. I have led it for my women's bible study back at home and we have sung it at conferences where we have been asked to lead worship. It is my daily prayer.  "Lord, I need thee every hour and minute of the day." So as people hear this song while going to work, picking up kids from school, or wherever they might be going, it's our hope that they will call out to the God who sees them at that very moment. 

Hallels:  You will be hitting the road with Selah.  What can fans expect when they come to see you perform live?  Will you be singing songs from his new album?

Densie: We are out on the road with Selah and having a blast.  We are debuting several of our songs from the record, but also singing some of the classics.  The second half of the show is my favorite. We are doing our own "crossroads" with Selah.  They are singing some of our songs and we are singing some of theirs. We are also doing songs together. It makes it a very special evening. 

Hallels:  As a group, you have been singing for many years together, what are two of the biggest blessings you have experienced all these years?

Densie: For me, I would have to say that the two biggest blessings are that my kids have loved what I do and I fully have the support of my husband.  The second blessing is that God has continued to allow us to share his good news through music all of these years. 




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