Greater Vision “As We Speak” Album Review

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Prime Cuts:  As We Speak, He Does, Let the Blood of Calvary Speak

There is no vision greater than singing about the Cross of Jesus Christ.  When the Gospel is central, there is a glowing beauty that you don't need to reinvent the wheel to get attention.  This is thus the drawing power of Greater Vision's latest album "As We Speak."  If you have been following their music since the trio's formation in 1990, "As We Speak" does not charter new ground.  There are no glittering polytechnics utilized to glamorize these cuts. There are no peculiar detours to unfamiliar territories of styles and genres. These 10 cuts warmly rest in what we have come to love about Greater Vision: harmonized melodically-rich Southern Gospel with a strong progressive country tinge.  There are no added tinsels of the latest beep or whistle, yet the songs are so alluring. 
Before we peel off the wrapping to examine the treasure within, it's proper to say a word about Greater Vision.  Consisting of the current line-up of Rodney Griffin, Chris Allman and founding member and producer Gerald Wolfe, Greater Vision is very much a self-contained trio.  Unlike many Southern Gospel quartets who are fond of recycling material recorded by other artists, Greater Vision is responsible for the bulk of their repertoire. First things first, the title cut "As We Speak" soars higher than the Buji Khalifa in Dubai.  A towering piano ballad of sublime beauty; every element of "As We Speak" pulverizes:  the gushing piano arpeggios,  the gentle whistling flute sound, the lyrics that speak of the blessedness of those who take the time to pray, and the team's soaring vocals. 
Never one to shy away from the old story of the Cross of Jesus, Greater Vision gives exposition to propitiative nature of Christ's atonement on the string-laden ballad "Let the Blood of Calvary Speak."  For those who feel downtrodden with guilt and failure, do your heart good by taking a listen to the Christ-exalting ballad "He Does."  Greater Vision are never content just to leave the stories of the Bible in the past tense.  With "In the Sandals of Daniel" and "Put Out the Fire," they show how the stories of the Bible intersect with our contemporary lives.  With blazing brassy horns and an all-out shout out with their harmony layered vocals, "Put Out the Fire" sounds like a #1 hit in the making.  
Creativity is in the front seat with the ingeniously penned "Toes in the Water."  Flourished with lots of piquant and picturesque observations, "Toes in the Water" is a 3-D challenge to each of us to step out in faith for Jesus Christ.  "As We Speak," from the first note to the last, spells excellence all the way.  Never deviating from the core of what's important to the Gospel and to the band, this album is just impeccable executed with heartfelt harmonies, thoughtful tunes, and Gospel-affirming messages.



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