"David and Goliath" Movie Hits #1

David and Goliath

The Bible-based movie "David and Goliath' was the #1 independent movie at the box office this weekend and the #2 new-release film in the 25 cities behind "Fast and the Furious 7."

"We're just extremely happy that God was honored at the theaters," says a spokesperson for RiverRain Studios. "We're not trying to compete with Hollywood or other Christian filmmakers."

"We risked our lives shooting the film in North Africa," says the director Tim Chey, "to bring a cup of cold water to every Believer around the world. It's about seeking the Lord with all your heart and you find him - Jeremiah 29:13 - that's what David did." 

Tim Chey, the director behind the upcoming big-budget "David and Goliath" film, told The Christian Post in an exclusive interview that the project is set to be "biblically correct in every way," and that he hopes audiences will be moved to tears when they see it.

The film, which was shot in Morocco and produced by RiverRain Productions, is said to have a $50 million dollar budget and is currently scheduled for an early 2015 nationwide theater release. Chey said that the movie, based on the biblical story of the battle between the giant Philistine warrior Goliath and David, the future king of Israel, has been in the works for close to 11 years.

However, unlike previous movies such as last year's most disappointing "Exodus: Of Gods and Kings" and "Noah," "David and Goliath" was more in-line and faithful to the Bible's narratives.

'David and Goliath' is now playing in theaters in 25 cities.

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