Lauren Daigle Reflects on Her #1 Album "How Can It Be:" "It is Born in Passion"

Lauren Daigle

With CCM Magazine describing Lauren Daigle as Christian music's new "it" girl in the April issue,  Daigle has lived up to that claim by reaching a record-breaking milestone in her young career. The 23-year-old singer/songwriter's first full album, How Can It Be, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Christian Albums Chart and No. 29 on Billboard's Top 200. This also marks the highest debut week for Daigle's label, Centricity Music. Produced by Paul Mabury and Jason Ingram, How Can It Be, had 10 of the 12 songs from the project on iTunes Top 200 Christian Songs Chart. The former EP was only available at online music outlets and Daigle's tour dates, while the release of the full album marks the first time Daigle's music has also been available at all retail outlets. 

Hallels:  Lauren so much has happened since the last time we interviewed you.  I need to let you know that your initial interview with us was one of our most read interviews at hallels with thousands of hits.  So, you have many readers and supporters out there.  Is there anything you would like to say to our readers? 

What an honor! I am overwhelmed with joy at the outpouring of support. Thank you all so, so much. God is using you as vessels of a promise He gave to me years ago. That's the beauty of the Kingdom and Family of God. He uses us to bring forth fulfillment of His plan for each other. 

Hallels:   Did you expect the song "How Can It Be" to be such a huge success?  

I was unsure because I was so new to the industry and doubted, but I knew God breathed on that song from the first time I heard it. So when I started hearing the buzz from everyone else about the song, I knew that what I felt wasn't just a personal moment for me but a moment for all to experience. That was my goal of releasing it. I wanted everyone to encounter the power of God through that song just as I did. God showed up. It's not in my own strength. It's the profound plan of God that 'How Can It Be' moved as it did. He is faithful.  

Hallels:  I believe that there are 4 new songs on the album.  And you have just released "First" as the new single.  What's "First" about? 

When I was heading into record week for the remaining songs, I knew we didn't have all the songs we needed. Our song meeting was a Wednesday night and recording was scheduled for the following Monday. The clock quickly ticked down. I begged God to move on my behalf and to bless me with a song. I began to fill my thoughts with anxiety and stress. I had a writing appointment scheduled for Friday to try to nail down a song. On Thursday, I was overwhelmed, pacing with thoughts of 'measuring up,' restless. I took a nap and woke up to an Instagram message from a girl that said, Matthew 6:33, But seek ye first the kingdom of God,: and his righteousness; and all thesethings shall be added unto you. What was I doing? Why did I lose focus and allow anxiety to cloud my purpose? God reminded me that nothing matters aside from His Kingdom. I continued reading Matthew 6 and verses 25-34are titled, 'Do Not Be Anxious.' Not coincidental! In this passage, we are assured that God clothes the lily of the valley and feeds the birds of the air. They neither toil nor labor nor spin and He still takes care of them. How much more does He care for His children! All I needed to do was simply seek Him first, to seek His Kingdom. Why would I beg God for a song? It was what He called me to for His kingdom. Of course He would provide. My focus redirected to truth. His Kingdom is to be first in everything. When His Kingdom is first, we experience His divine peace at all times. I began to fill with butterflies of excitement, expectant of tomorrow's co-write. When I walked into the room my friends told me they had a song title chosen but wanted to hear what God was putting on my heart before they spoke. I shared about my experience with Matthew 6 and how He is to come first, how He and His kingdom are the priority. They started laughing. Guess what the song title was that they came up with before I arrived? 'First.' God is sovereign.    

Hallels:  You have also co-written with quite a number of co-writers.  Is there anyone on your wishlist you would like to co-write with? 

Kim Walker-Smith or Jenn Johnson.

Hallels:  "Power to Redeem" finds you singing with All Sons and Daughters.  How did you get to work with them?  What was it like recording with them? 

Leslie Jordan and I wrote 'Salt and Light' together before I met my producer, Paul Mabury. When Paul and I started working together, I found out he was the producer of All Sons and Daughters. We all have a similar vision when it comes to music. I learned a lot from David Leonard and Leslie during the recording process. Their emotion is most important thing. They give it their all despite making mistakes or missing notes. Their priority is the truth of why we sing in the first place. It is born in passion.

 Hallels:  What's next for you?  Have you thought of releasing a worship album? 

I have. I am planning to record a worship album within the next five years. It's a definite goal of mine. Worship is my heart's favorite place. I had the privilege of recording two worship songs with North Point Community Church's student ministry in GA. It's from a live event we did and the album is called 'Hear.' I'm so excited about it. This summer, I'm excited to be joining the Outcry Tour 2015 with Hillsong United, Jesus Culture, Kari Jobe, among many others, and will be singing for several camps in Panama City, FL when I'm not on tour. I hope to meet some of you out on the road!



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