The Collingsworth Family “That Day is Coming” Album Review

Collingsworth Family

Prime Cuts:  I Love Being in Love with Jesus, Gotta Get to Jesus, Redeemer of the Rain

If there's a word to describe the Collingsworth Family's latest release "That Day is Coming," it is the word immaculate.  Never ones to take short-cuts by churning out half-baked pastiche of an album, "That Day is Coming" is almost a two-year labor of love.  Featuring soaring strings of deftly assembled orchestrated sound, their patented layered family-led harmonies, and carefully chosen songs that go both deep as well as encompassing, "That Day is Coming" towers as one of the team's best album to date.  Partnering once again with StowTown Records, the boutique label of Wayne Haun and Ernie Haase, we are again blessed with another high quality recording that has become the reputation of the imprint.

The Collingsworth Family consists of Phil and Kim together with four of their children.  Phil and Kim Collingsworth started in the music ministry when they were musicians at a church camp in Petersburg in August of 1986.  Over the years, they have started music presentations for church camps and extended-length revival campaigns.  They have also held the positions of Ministers of Music, and Directors of the Music Division at Union Bible College, Westfield, IN.   Phil was Dean of Enrollment Management at his Alma Mater, God's Bible School & College, Cincinnati, OH. 

"That Day is Coming" is their much anticipated return after the family release of two albums in 2013, "The Lord is Good" and "Hymns from Home." Of the 12 new songs here, 8 of them here are either co-penned or penned by Rachel McCuteon.  Suffice to say:  when McCuteon holds the pen, we ought to pay attention.  "I Love Being in Love with Jesus," a McCuteon composition, doesn't just hover superficially platitudes of "I Love Jesus" chants.  Rather, it delves into the emotions and the scenarios that makes you want to fall in love with Jesus.  The piano-helmed "Gotta Get to Jesus" has an A+ melodic line that compels to the healing arms of Jesus.  "He Will Abide" likewise is a heart-tugger with a hymn-like melody with lyrics that give assurance to those of us whose faith are wavering.

"Redeemer of the Rain" ought to be the anthem for those who are feeling the drizzle of suffering and pain. Thoughtful, pastoral, and Biblical, listening to "Redeemer of the Rain" is like engaging in a fruitful session of counselling. When it comes to the foot-stomping stuff, the Collingsworth Family again do not disappoint.  With some delightful bluesy sounding piano tingling and brassy horns, "There's Power in the Blood" brings us back to church.  "Awesome Magnificent" is an orchestrated piece that calls to mind the best of what the Legacy Five have been doing.   

If you are looking for a top-notched Southern Gospel album that is gorgeously produced brimming with aim-at-the-heart songs carefully informed by the teachings of Scripture, look no farther than "That Day is Coming."  And those family harmonies, they are out of this world excellent. 



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