Scott McCreedy on His Autobiography: "God Gave Me a Voice and America Gave Me a Chance"

Scott McCreedy

Out of the numerous contestants and winners of American Idol, few have had the chance to make a career out of the TV singing contest. One of them is Scott McCreedy, a committed Christian and a successful country music singer.  McCreery's fourth album is scheduled to come out next year. His 2011 debut,Clear as Day, reached No. 1  on five separate Billboard charts: the Billboard 200, Top Current Albums, Digital Albums, Internet Albums, and Top Country Albums. 

Now, McCreedy is preparing to write his own autobiography. The book is set for release on May 3. The book -- titled Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream -- will be published by Zondervan, a Christian book and media company based in Grand Rapids, Mich.

"God gave me a voice and America gave me a chance," he said in a release. "This book is about those two things, and about the amazing journey that began the moment I decided to say two words about this show I knew and love. 'Why not?'"

The book will center on McCreery's career, telling the story of his North Carolina childhood leading to his victory on Idol at the age of 17. It will be available for pre-order on Nov. 15, according to his website

The 22-year old singer is currently promoting his single "Southern Belle."



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