Frank Sinatra Jr. Dies

Frank Sinatra Jr

Frank Sinatra Jr., the son of the legendary entertainer Frank Sinatra, has died Wednesday (March 16th). He was 72. Sinatra died at in Daytona Beach, Florida, in a hospital. Singer Nancy Sinatra said on her Facebook page that her brother died of cardiac arrest. 

"Sleep warm, Frankie..." she wrote. The Sinatra family have asked fans to pray for the family now. 

Sinatra followed in the steps of his dad in pursuing a music career.  He died during his "Sinatra Sings Sinatra" tour where he was scheduled to perform at the Peabody Auditorium on Wednesday. An announcement on the venue's Facebook page said the singer had taken ill. 

Frank Jr. was the son of singer and actor Frank Sinatra and his first wife, Nancy Barbato Sinatra. He was the younger brother of singer and actress Nancy Sinatra, and the older brother of television producer Tina Sinatra. 

Sinatra was kidnapped, at the age of 19, on December 8, 1963 at Harrah's Lake Tahoe (room 417). He was released two days later after his father paid the $240,000 ransomdemanded by the kidnappers. Barry Keenan, Johnny Irwin, and Joe Amsler were soon captured, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to long prison terms for kidnapping, of which they served only small portions (mastermind Keenan was later adjudged to have been legally insane at the time of the crime and hence not legally responsible for his actions).Famed attorney Gladys Root represented one of the three men. 

Sinatra, whose voice and looks were very much like his father's, released about a half dozen albums.

"My lack of success does not trouble me at this stage in my life," he told the Guardian four years ago.

And he recently told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that he wasn't upset that his life as a singer was nowhere close to his famed father's career.

"I think in my generation, when I came along in the early '60s, the type of music that was in vogue in society in those days had moved on to another kind of music," Sinatra told the newspaper. "I was trying to sell antiques in a modern appliance store."

Sinatra, Jr. married Cynthia McMurry on October 18, 1998, and divorced on January 7, 2000. He has had one son from a previous relationship, Michael Sinatra, born March 1, 1987 and was teaching in Japan. Sinatra had denied speculation about the existence of another son named Kent Sinatra. 

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