TARA DANAE Teams Up With Rapper PETTIDEE For New Single "IN A BOX"

Tara Danae

With her soulfully sweet voice and charming demeanor, singer and songwriter TARA DANAE is carving her own unique pathway through an emblematically genre specific industry prone to categorizing artists by one particular sound or by physical appearance.   Having recently stepped into the music industry as an artist and songwriter after graduating from Belmont University in Nashville, Tara Danae has begun performing and releasing her inimitable life songs.  

In follow-up to the release of her passionate contemporary ballad "I Find Rest" last year, Tara has now teamed up with rap artist PETTIDEE for her new single "In A Box". 

Written by Tara and produced by Roger Ryan and Michael Gaines, "In A Box" is an urban/pop track with a powerful message encouraging the audacity of individuality and confidence."When you are true to yourself and authentic, people are drawn to you. This song encourages people to be real and to be bold and step outside of their own comfort zone," Tara explains. "I wrote this for anyone who believes they are called to do or be something that doesn't necessarily fit the norm.  We need more people willing to partner with God and step outside the box."

Listen To "In A Box"

"In A Box" is available on all digital music outlets and is the second single from Tara's forthcoming debut EP TAKING MY HEART.  Tara is one of the multi-talented and diverse artists on the Nashville based AfterTouch Music Label.  

And as the music industry continues to place artists in a box of categories, genres and classifications, Tara's free flowing style of writing and innate mix of soul, pop, contemporary and gospel is her personal and passionate rebellion against mediocracy and limitations.  She encourages and challenges everyone to reach, think and live outside of the box. 

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