DeDe Wedekind on Her New Single "America United" & How We Can Bring America Together

Dede Wedekind

Like many Americans, singer-songwriter DeDe Wedekind noticed that our country seems to be even more divided than ever. So she did what songwriters do. The result is her new single, "America United," a song that she hopes will help make America great again and help heal the divisions in our great nation. The message of "America United" is simple. It's about returning our country to peace, strength, safety, prosperity and greatness, by uniting all Americans.

Produced in Nashville by George Hairr (Mark Lowry, Gaither Vocal Band), "America United" was originally scribbled in pencil on the back of a program as DeDe was sitting in her church choir loft, listening to an inspiring patriotic speaker. Says DeDe, "It's my sincere hope that this song will help spark a movement to reunite all Americans at this crucial time in our history when there are so many racial, socioeconomic, religious and other divisions in our countr 

Q:  DeDe, thank you so much for your time.  Congratulations on the release of your new single "America United."  For our readers who may not heard it yet, what's the song about? 

America United is an original song I wrote in 2012. It was re-written for the Election of 2016 because we noticed that a lot of Americans are not getting along, infighting, pointing fingers and blaming others for our problems, instead of trying to work together to create solutions and make our country better.   

Q: Why are you excited about this song?  

Because music is the universal language that can speak to the heart and to the soul. Right now in America, we are so divided and so worried about being politically correct as a nation, that we can't even see the real core issues we are facing as a country.  I believe that America United can help people think about what it is that makes America so special that people from around the world would risk everything they have to immigrate here. We are still the land of freedom, prosperity, opportunity, individual rights, peace, and religious tolerance. My prayer is that it will help bridge some of the divisiveness created especially during this election by the media, leadership, and many others of both the Democratic and Republican Parties: divides along racial, political, socio-economic, religious, business, and other lines. 

We are still the people of the United States of America, and we the people can make a difference and make our country great again if we all start working hard and believing in the American dream again (which has been somewhat forgotten, especially by our younger generations). The dream I believe is this:  that if you work hard, believe in yourself, get a good education, are truthful, moral, and giving, as well as striving to keep our people and our core values safe, and if we unite again as a country, then all of this will be returned to us:  WE THE PEOPLE and our great nation will return to blessings, unity, peace, safety, and prosperity. Many people have lost sight of that, and we need to get back to our roots and core values that have made America this great nation for over 200 years.

Q:  How do you think America will be united together?   

I would say that Donald Trump in this case, has hit the nail on the head, we all do need to stop being so worried about being "politically correct", and instead worry about how we can all work together to fix all of our problems!  Yes, there IS a right and wrong; we can't let everyone indiscriminantly into our country and still stay prosperous and safe, and we can not tolerate killers and others who hate America and want to take away our dreams, jobs, and safety...

The current leadership and media need to stop taking sides and spinning things on every issue and report ALL the truth, and stick to the facts.  And most of all they need to stop promoting more and more: hatred of our police, demoralization of our troops, racism, false idealogy, and radicalism, and stop giving handouts to everyone they can in order to keep these folks from becoming self-sufficient, productive, educated, and working contributors to our society.  What I mean is that we need to see this false ideology of Progressivism (which to me, is a pseudonym for Socialism) for what it is:  it hasn't worked in Europe, China, Russia or anywhere else, and it sure isn't going to help make America better either, but worse, much worse. The Socialist/Progressive platform of taking away from the rich and giving it to the poor to make everything fair-well it just doesn't work and history has proven that over and over-look at Communist Russia.  Life ISN'T supposed to be fair, and never will be, but what America IS designed to do is to give everyone an equal chance at "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"! 

We of course do need to take good care of those who truly need that care, but we are now becoming a Nanny State where we are taking care of and feeding millions of able-bodied, and able-minded people. Let's face it the Democratic party has been increasing our numbers of "illegal immigrants, big city ghettos/gangs, the jobless, those in poverty and on welfare, and those who are under-educated":  all in exchange for their votes!  I personally wouldn't want to be treated like someone else's PET- Meaning, being taken care of by the government in exchange for votes. It's disgusting, and it's keeping many in America poor, uneducated, unmotivated, jobless, ignorant, and racist.  Let's really focus on educational and other motivational incentives to get these disenfranchised, under or unemployed & able to work folks- back to work!

Q:  Is this new single from your forthcoming album?  Are you working on your follow-up album to "Dream of You" yet? 

Yes, I'm currently starting to write songs for my next album and am looking for a great producer-and if any great producers are reading this, please contact me!  I'm not sure the exact direction I'll be going in, as Dream of You was a bit of a departure for me. In that, I mean it's a story album about the changes, circumstances and emotions I felt during all the major highs and lows and events of my life. It's quite unique, and I really really love the songs because they're all very honest, can be related to by everyone, very deep lyrically and emotionally. They also represent a different class of genres for me: more folk-country, Americana and Southern Roots music with some 80's sounding Southern Blues and rock, and less the kind of laid back beautiful Celine Dion-style pop I've done in the past. I think everyone can relate to every song I sing on Dream of You and to me that's what makes it an outstanding album. You can hear and order it here:, and on iTunes and

Q:  Recently you have been named Indie Music Channel's 2016 Best New Artist of the Year.  How does that make you feel? 

It's really gratifying to be recognized by my fans and my peers as a songwriter. I also sing, but my songwriting is the tough part, and what I feel really separates me from other writers and makes me unique. Since at the time of my award, I'd only been performing and writing professionally for just a little over 4 years, it was very humbling and very exciting for me. Also, as you probably know, in this industry now, most of us are not in it for the money. I know that I'm certainly here because I want to write positive influential songs that are timeless, relatable and give back to others a little hope and inspiration to make their day better.

Q:  What gives you a sense of purpose and joy as a musician? 

See above, making someone's day better, brighter, and motivating teens and others to keep on keeping on as in my song Stronger- giving motivation that things will get better, I've been there, and it's all going to be ok. 

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