The McKameys Release Their 52nd Album "Be Brave"

The McKameys

Be Brave is a calling. It's the story of God's  faithfulness to us and of our faithfulness to Him. There is no mistaking when you listen to a recording by The McKameys they're sharing life stories. From physical trials to daily hardships, the songs they present attest to the faithfulness of God in their lives. It's music with a message, delivered with conviction and sweet simplicity that harkens back to a far less hectic time.

This new release from the celebrated  family group creates a feeling of worship that's warm, but with a fervor for the message of the Gospel. Each song reflects the piety and zeal the McKameys are known for.

Kicking off the album is the convention style  toe-tapper "So Good to Me" that proclaims thankfulness and praise with mixed family  harmony. "Living for Eternity" features a lead vocal by the album's principle songwriter Sheryl Farris and focuses on the joy of the abundant life that's promised through Christ. "Come Forth as Gold" is rendered by Southern Gospel Hall of Fame member and group matriarch, Peg McKamey Bean, and it's delivered with  customary genuine excitation and earnestness. "On and On" features the voice of Connie Fortner in a down-home letter of gratitude for the blessings we receive daily.

The McKameys' sound is traditional in a way that, when you hear their albums, the music immediately creates a feeling of comfort and well-being. Their style is warm and familiar with a sincere message about the promises found in the Gospel. They bring you into their home and make you feel like a part of their family. It is what they have been doing for over 60 years.

The McKameys have created a calling in a world that seems to say right is wrong and up is down.  We may not understand why we face the  trials that we do, but let the record show that  as Christians we were faithful to God in sharing the story of hope, love and forgiveness. Be Brave.


So Good to Me

Living for Eternity  

Come Forth as Gold  

It's Mine  

Be Brave  

On and On  

For the Record  

One Thing I Know  

Jesus Passed By  

Since When      

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