Former 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Says NFL Players Who Protest During National Anthem Were Never Taught 'Respect'

Phil Robertson
(Photo : Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia / CC)

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson is speaking out against the NFL players who decided to protest while the national anthem is being played in professional sporting events. He called them the outcome of the “disintegrating” American family and that it was likely that they were not taught respect in the household.

Robertson made an appearance on Fox and Friends to speak about his latest show, “In the Woods with Phil.” When asked about the basis of the series, the Duck Commander decided to draw attention to the idea of peaceful protesting, as reported by Uproxx.

"Look, I'm 71. So far I've never seen anything big enough for me to protest," he said. "I have the right, you have the right to peaceably assemble and air your grievances. I'm 71, but so far nothing has risen to the level to make me go protest anything."

A follow-up question was made by host Brian Kilmeade, touching on the subject of protest culture in America.

"My take on it is just because you can protest, doesn't mean that's a good reason to protest. ‘Well I can so I have to do it,’” Robertson said.

The 71-year-old TV personality also shared his views about national anthem protests and how these can be attributed to the lack of civics in school.

"Down where we're from, we take the Scriptures, we teach our children, we rebuke them, we correct them, we train them to do what is right from the time they're this high," the Vivian, Louisiana native said, gesturing with his hand. On the other hand, missing out on these essential elements will eventually result to a “disintegrated” family, he believes.

Robertson is set to reject “political correctness” in the upcoming, “In the Woods with Phil,” that premieres on October 30 on CRTV. The professional hunter and businessman will join the network’s commentators Mark Levin, Steven Crowder and Michelle Malkin.

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