A&E Lifts Suspension of Phil Robertson


Phil Robertson 'Happy, Happy, Happy'
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Phil Robertson 'Happy, Happy, Happy'


When the news broke that A&E had lifted their suspension of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, the twitter-verse went wild.

The Pro-Phil Comments:

  • John Gray ‏@RealJohnGray - Wondering why @cnn made duck dynasty suspension it's top story when it broke, but made it a small story when the suspension got lifted? (Good question!)
  • Janie Johnson ‏@jjauthor - If you believe that Freedom of Speech is fine as long as nobody is offended by it, #YouMIghtBeALiberal #tcot #DuckDynasty
  • Mustang Alli Cruz'nTM ‏@Jagauress - MSNBC's Dyson: 'Duck Dynasty,' Phil Robertson Part of a 'White Supremacist Culture'  via @BreitbartNews
  • Oregon Conservative ‏@ORConservative - @RevJJAckson joins with @GLAAD in twisting Phil Robertson's words to suit their hatred and intolerance.
  • Over_Governed ‏@Over_Governed - If you're white and express a religious belief, MSNBC considers you a White Supremist. Damn if we weren't outed again

The Anti-Phil Comments:

  • Sean Bond ‏@iam_seanbond - Asses & Excrement Decides To Bring Back Gay-Bashing 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson
  • Cindy Teigland ‏@teigland_cindy - What do 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson and 45 percent of Americans have in common? Racist & Bigots...SCARY!!!
  • Realtin Connor ‏@RealtinConnor - Don't worry, #DuckDynasty fans. The intellectuals of the Westboro Baptist Church agree with you.

The Middle of the Road Comments:

  • green and keen ‏@TwylightzoneTV - @ajam White elite 'gays' are actually more socially racist, and segregate more so than Phil.
  • Sm;Ashlee.! ♏ ‏@BullyC - So it's alright to do what Miley Cyrus does but Phil Robertson from #duckdynasty speaks his opinion everyone freaks out, this world is f'd.

The Conspiracy Theory:

  • Gus ‏@onWave - The A&E, Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson hoopla was a clever publicity stunt staged right before Christmas to move a huge glut of merchandise.

Michael Snyder made some great points in the midst of the controversy when he shared 15 Quotes About the Duck Dynasty Controversy That Every American Should See. This wasn't just about one man's right to have an opinion or to share his faith. This was far bigger in the grand scheme of things. When people are only free to share what is popular opinion, they aren't really free. In this day and age where calls for tolerance and equality are loudly heard, those same cries must not be for everyone except the person who goes against the grain. The person who stands firm for their faith can not be labeled as a hater just because they aren't following the "everything goes" party line.

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