"25 IN 24" Premiere: Switchfoot Singer Jon Foreman Set to Release New Film About Playing 25 Concerts in 24 Hours

Switchfoot's Jon Foreman
(Photo : Jon Foreman / Facebook)

Switchfoot singer Jon Foreman is prepping up for the premiere of the film titled “25 IN 24” that will feature him as he lives up to his longtime dream of performing 25 shows within a span of 24 hours.

In a collaboration between Aspiration Entertainment and lowercase people, Foreman and his friends will star in this film after going on a musical venture across San Diego last October 24, with their goal of playing 25 concerts within 24 hours, as reported by Paste Magazine

Footage from the movie captures Foreman as he reaches out to a group of people that follow him on his musical journey comprised of 25 shows to be performed in one day.

The singer-guitarist began his day at 10 in the morning and went on to perform in separate locations, such as at a wedding, a restaurant, and a children’s hospital.

“25 IN 24” is also set to include videos of Foreman’s everyday experiences, giving fans a detailed look into the life of the American musician. According to the Switchfoot vocalist himself, his personal journey exemplifies the saying that the “road less traveled is always worth the risk, and sometimes the only way to hold on is to let go.”

"Since childhood, music was this playground where I could actually enunciate the way I felt about life. Music was that escape and entrance into a reality that I could find in no other place," Foreman says in the movie.

Aspiration Entertainment head Erik Lokkesmoe spoke to the Christian Post and explained why the company sought to follow Foreman in this unique musical adventure. “The aspirational audience is growing, as people look for stories, music, and films that are more than mere entertainment and Jon's film and music do exactly that, inviting us into something deeper and more transcendent,” Lokkesmoe said.

Foreman's "25 IN 24" is slated for its official premiere in March 2018; he is also set to go on the “25 IN 24 Tour” starting March 1 through which he will perform live shows. His movie will also be screened for the tour’s attendees.

“The honesty of song brings people together in a way that nothing else can. The sheer joy of music finds us as children once again: hoping, dreaming, and vulnerable,” Foreman added, touching on the relevance of creating and playing music.

More details on the “25 IN 24” film and tour can be viewed at Foreman’s official website.

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