Javen Hopes His New Album "Grace" Will Encourage Us to Never Give Up


Praise and worship recording artist, JAVEN, will release his 7th solo album, Grace (Tyscot Records), on June 22nd. Digital pre-orders have already begun for the soulful, middle-of-the-road set of songs that revolve around the grace and favor of God while bridging Christian Pop and Urban Gospel rhythms.

The warm collection of tunes boasts heartfelt ballads such as "Grace" which is done in English as a duet with Margaret Bell and done in Spanish with Johnny Rez, a former contestant on The Voice. Other endearing tunes include "He Paid It All" (Ft. Candy West) and the majestic, "You Lift Me Up " (Ft. Christina Bell). Rapper Da' T.R.U.T.H. joins JAVEN on the rousing dance cut, "It's My Hallelujah," and the Imani Miele Children's Choir comes along for the festive, "Jehovah." JAVEN infuses "Right Now Praise" (Tye Tribbett) with a club flavor while "Eternal Grace" (Tim Bowman Jr.) boasts a taste of inspirational '70s soul.

Q:  Javen, thanks for doing this interview with us.  I have raving about your new album "Grace" in my review.  What does "grace" mean to you?

Thank you for having me and thanks for the support! This Grace CD is special to me because of the subject "Grace" and how it has empowered me to go on when I did not have it to go on. God's grace once accepted gives us unlimited favor and blessings in a way that we clearly don't deserve.  

Q: In your last album, you did a gorgeous version of Hillsong's "Hosanna," this time you put your own stamp on the hymn "Amazing Grace."  Why did you choose to re-do this great hymn?

Yeah well I like to keep good songs alive! One of the greatest songs ever written was Amazing Grace across the board! Christian or secular by the way. I had to do this song, there's no way you can have a CD about "Grace" and not include the song that was the first to shine a big light on it like Amazing Grace.

Q:  This is your first album in five years, what happened in between albums?

Well between not really thinking I was going to do music anymore and launching the NOW Church in Hollywood, FL back in 2014 I just stopped. I mean I still did spot dates here and there and worked behind the scenes but as for me as an artists I kind of retired in my head and was done. But clearly I was wrong and God had a different plan in mind. 

Q: I have read that you have recently been to Jerusalem. How has your trip inspired you for this new record?

The Grace CD all started in Old City Jerusalem, while on a tour with Matt & Laurie Crouch and TBN God just began to speak to me about Grace and I began to get get downloads of songs after songs, it was truly a supernatural experience! So when I say this album is from the Holy Land I mean literally from the Holy Land!  

Q:  Any inspiring stories you can tell in the making of this record?

First story that comes to mind is the one about the hit single JEHOVAH! I had met the Imani Milele Children's Choir from Africa while in San Josa, CA doing a concert. I went home and wrote the song Jehovah called ask the director if the kids could be on the song, well not only did they show up and sing at NOW Church but they were ready to go the moment they stepped off the bus with harmonies and music. We went right into the studio and kids began to sing and dance, that's when I knew the song would be a hit! I have much respect for these kids, they truly embody the meaning of God's Grace. 

Q:  How do you hope to inspire your listeners with this new record?

To go on and never give up. That in the darkest of days when all hope is gone like the song featuring Christina Bell Jesus will "Lift You Up" that His Grace is Eternal like in the song I sang with Tim Bowman Jr. This album is so packed with words of empowerment and blessings that you can't help but get lifted!

Q:  You also host two TV programs, tell us more about them.

It's actually three. I host two versions of the show NOW Living one in the UK and one here in the USA a powerful show that inspires people to live their best life now.  The one in the UK I teach and share from God's word messages on the power of living in the NOW and in the USA I have guest speakers and singers share in ministry. I also co-host GWE the Gospel Worship Experience with Tye Tribbett a powerful gospel music show that kicks off this fall that features top A gospel artists leading a live congregation in worship! 

Q:  Has your understanding of grace changed or deepened after making this album?

I don't know that it has changed as much as it has been enlighten to remember how important it is to utilize the Grace of God and to not pray for Grace but pray from a place of Grace. 



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