Mack Brock “Greater Things” Album Review

mack brock

Prime Cuts: Greater Things, Into Dust, Do It Again (with Rita Springer)

Overall Grade: 4/5

Mack Brock's fingerprints are everywhere as far as modern worship songs are concerned.  Even if his name may not be familiar to all, Brock's compositions have been the soundtrack of many church's worships, including "O Come to the Altar," "Here as in Heaven," "Resurrecting," "Do It Again" and many others.  In fact, Brock had been such an integral part of Elevation Worship that he created some of the team's most memorable pieces.  "Greater Things" is Brock's debut solo project since leaving Elevation Worship.  Though he no longer serves as a leader and songwriter at Elevation Church, Brock has re-recorded what is arguably the signature song of Elevation Worship "Do It Again" here again. He has also put his own spin on his co-write with Phil Wickham "Christ is Risen" (which Wickham also recorded for his new album).  The rest of the 7 tracks are newly written for this release.

Brock, like his former team, is a church man at heart.  This means that all the songs here are crafted with the church's worship in mind.  One listen and you know that "Into Dust" is destined to be church favorite.  Lyrically calling to mind Hillsong's "Glorious Ruins," "Into Dust" also speaks of how God speak into the dust (of ruins) in our lives.  Emanating out of a heart full of confidence in the sovereignty of God, the title cut "Greater Things" is a more than a song.  Rather, it's an earth shattering faith declaration of what God can do.  A must-sing for churches who want to create faith.

Brock enlists the help of veteran leader Rita Springer on his rendition of "Do It Again." With its more pronounced percussion, Brock and Springer actually bring more warmth and texture to this worship ballad.  Despite being a power-packed anthem, "Christ is Risen" lyrically recycles Phil Wickham's "Living Hope."  Sure, the narrative of the death and the resurrection is indispensable to the Gospel, but can this account be told with less cliches and in ways that are more creative?  "God of Breakthrough" joins the recent trending "breakthrough" songs (ala Chris McClarney) which is okay without being a stand-out.

"To the End" which features Bethel's Amanda Cook is perhaps the most intimate track.  Here Brock opts for a more subdued approach that actually makes the abiding presence of Christ even more heartfelt and more assuring.  "One Like Us" would have been fine if there were no hip hop rapping from KB.  The hip hop section sounds more like a tag on than an organic part of the song.  "Greater Things" may not greater than Brock's previous work with Elevation Worship, but it sure serves the legacy he has had carved well.  



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