Olivia Newton-John Says Rumors of Having Weeks to Live 'Have Been Greatly Exaggerated'

Olivia Newton-John
(Photo : Olivia Newton-John -Official Facebook)

Recently, rumors have been circulating saying that pop songstress and actress Olivia Newton-John 'has weeks to live' as she struggles against her third bout of cancer. Ever since the early 90s, the iconic singer has had been battling breast cancer.  News website Now to Love reports the 70-year-old is "clinging to life". 

In a new video, the singer and actress addresses recent rumors that she only has weeks to live.  "Happy New Year everyone. This is Olivia Newton John," the 70-year-old says, smiling. "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated, to quote a very famous quote."

"I'm doing great. I want to wish all of you the happiest, healthiest 2019 possible," she continues. "Thank you all for your wonderful love and support for me and my Olivia Newton John Wellness Center in Melbourne, Australia."

Although Newton-John has always seen herself as "spiritual," she prefers to be what's called "meta-religious." In fact, her diverse faith practices and broad beliefs is what helped her through her battle with breast cancer. She said she had so many songs floating through her head while she couldn't sleep due to chemotherapy that she had to write them all down. As a "thriver," not a survivor, Olivia released an album called Grace and Gratitude that contains what she calls healing songs. They drew inspiration from all of the world's religions.

"I believe that all human beings are connected, like pearls on a chain. We have in common the search for peace, love and compassion. It is my hope that we can accept and respect each other's [religious] traditions, no matter what our personal beliefs. This is my intention - to make music that helps to heal the heart and connect us to each other."






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